7 Reasons Why You Should Do a Pre Move in Cleaning

Moving into a new office is not only exciting but it has its share of challenges. You need to make arrangements to move your items to the new office, make payments, and ensure that your fragile possessions don’t get damaged while in transit. This said, the benefits of getting to a new office which suits your preferences and tastes far outweighs the short-term challenges.

Pre Move In Office Cleaning

There are several must-do activities before moving into your new office. One of these is the pre-move in cleaning. Such cleaning will afford you several benefits. Below are 7 reasons why you need to do a pre-move-in cleaning.

1. Get Rid of Spots and Stains

You will agree that whenever you are moving into a new office, there are always those disgusting marks and spots on the different parts of the house. These marks are frequent on the door handles, the kitchen, and in the washrooms. Unless the house was painted before you moved in, these spots and stains are also quite evident on the walls. You need to get rid of these to ensure that you move into a sparkling office which you are proud of and you are comfortable inviting your friends into.

2. Keep Pests Away

If the previous owner had pets, you need to be careful to ensure that you don’t occupy a house invested with all sorts of pests. Cleaning will get rid of fleas and mice which are common among pets. Such cleaning will also protect your pets from being infected by these pests.

There are other pests which are not associated with pets. These include cockroaches, rodents, and rats. These pests are health hazards and some are known to carry dangerous parasites and diseases. Thorough cleaning will get rid of all these pests and guarantee you a pest-free office.

3. Lower Stress and Fatigue

You know a messy office can actually throw your mind off-balance. A disorganized place causes our minds to create an uncomfortable mental state. Your subconscious mind constantly reminds you of tasks which need to be finished. As a result, the level of tranquility of the office environment is drastically lowered. An organized office will relieve you of such stress and fatigue. You will feel energized to do different tasks within your new office and reduce the sluggish feeling which comes as a result of disorganization.

Pre Move In Office Cleaning

4. Improves Safety

A pre-move in cleaning will help identify potential safety hazards within the new office. Such cleaning will help one to spot naked power cables which need replacement, non-functional sockets which need repair, and malfunctioning electrically-powered equipment within the new office. You need not assume that the landlord/lady will take care of all these. In some cases, they don’t. Once you identify these, you can then request your landlord/lady to make the required repairs.

5. Lower the Spread of Germs and Infections

Your health and that of your loved one(s) are crucial. Offices which have been occupied for years without intensive cleaning are habitats to all sorts of bacteria and infections. Don’t assume that the previous occupant was keen enough to clean every place in the office. Conduct a thorough clean up and use potent disinfectants to ensure that all types of germs are gotten rid of. Take keen interest of areas where germs are likely to reside. These places include the washrooms, the kitchen, and the basement.

6. Reduce incidences of Allergy

Certain smells, dust, and dampness can worsen certain types of allergies. A damp environment is a breeding area for flue-causing germs and can as well worsen asthma conditions. Dusty carpets are in most cases infected with mites and may as well have pet dander. Such an environment will trigger all sorts of allergies and breathing discomforts. A pre-move in cleaning is, therefore, necessary to eliminate such incidences.

7. Increase the Overall Aesthetics of the Office

You know how it feels when you move into a clean and well-organized office. Your mind feels at peace and the overall aesthetics increases the sense of wellbeing. The office becomes more welcoming and warm. The best time to set the right standards of cleanliness and organization of your office is just before moving in. It will be easier to maintain that level of the organization once you move in as compared to cleaning the office when your items have already been shipped to the new office.

Pre Move In Office Cleaning

A pre-move in cleaning is quite important. It’s essential in ensuring that your new office is sparklingly clean, helps get rid of pests and infections, and is crucial in improving the overall looks of the new office. The next time you are moving in, consider doing a pre move in cleaning to reap the above benefits.

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