8 Mistakes On Cleaning Office Carpet

Good Office Carpet is an investment, and maximum care must be taken with them. However, this does not imply that the people in the office should avoid using them; they are made to be stepped on, not just looked at. There are ways to prevent it from getting dirty, but no amount of cleaning and vacuuming will keep dust and smells from occurring.

Cleaning Office Carpet

From spills and stains, countless accidents can harm an Office Carpet. Rather than panicking, with a little bit of fortitude, you can control any situation. Sometimes, removing a stain is all about following the instructions given on the label. At other times, it can involve more work. Irrespective of the kind of cleaning method you apply, there are a few cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs. Here are eight common Mistakes On Cleaning Office Carpet that you should always look to avoid.

1. Using Cleaning Agents without Testing Them

Office Carpet materials are different, and it is wise to first test by using the cleaning solution on a small inconspicuous area of the carpet. This will enable you to check test whether it has a negative effect on the carpet fiber. Failing to test may cause discoloration, and the carpet could become seriously damaged. Pretesting is a simple process that could save you a lot. If the carpet is damaged, you may be forced to dye the carpet or replace it, both of which are expensive.

Stains are different, and you need to use the right cleaning agent to, get rid of them. If you use the wrong spotter, stains could stick to the carpet fibers rather than come up. Stains are grouped into different categories. Paint, gum, nail polish and adhesive stains need to be removed using a solvent. Others like coffee and tea need acidic agents. Familiarizing yourself with several stain removal agents is wise. A reputable technician will be in a position to advise you on the best products and methods to clean different stains.

2. Applying Too Much Force

Being too aggressive, especially when removing spots, will cause more harm than good. Cleaning spots require patience not force. You could damage the carpet fiber, causing that part of the carpet to appear worn out. Start by using a mild abrasive on the spot and then you can add the cleaning agent as you monitor the progress.

Cleaning Office Carpet

3. Failing To Identify Problem Areas

You need to assess the carpet before any cleaning can begin. Foot traffic is not the same for every part of the carpet; certain areas tend to retain more dirt than others. Before thoroughly cleaning the entire carpet, you need to take care of these problem areas. Also, ensure that you vacuum the entire carpet before you begin any deep or thorough cleaning.

4. Using Too Much Shampoo

Using too much shampoo may clean spots with ease. However, this also makes your carpet vulnerable to dirt. Too much cleaning solution will only cause residue build up. This will in turn cause dirt and particles to cling onto that particular area, making your carpet more susceptible to stains. In the long run, your Office Carpet gets worn out faster than it should, and you spend a lot of money replacing it.

5. Waiting Till the Last Moment to Clean the Carpet

A stitch in time saves nine, and this applies to carpet cleaning too. An Office Carpet needs to be attended to immediately it becomes stained. This is because some stains, given time, will more than likely become permanent or very difficult to remove. Solutions that seep into the carpet's pile or padding may be acidic, such as sodas; these could eat away at the carpet.

6. Choosing an Unqualified Carpet Cleaner

It pays to delegate the responsibility to a professional who can get the job done quickly and efficiently, rather than spending endless hours scrubbing the carpet yourself. Usually, people commit the mistake of hiring a professional cleaner without first verifying their experience or qualifications in the field. That is a recipe for disaster. Carpets only work well with spray carpet cleaners. The problem with laundry detergents and household cleaners is that they contain harsh chemicals and bleaching agents that could immediately discolour the carpet. It will be to your benefit to first conduct research about the best cleaning solutions before using them on your carpet.

Cleaning Office Carpet

7. Renting machines

Purchasing a good machine for Office Carpet cleaning might be a bit costly, but renting is a cheaper alternative. There are several firms where you can hire carpet cleaning machines. The discount chain location or the grocery store down the street may be good places from which to hire equipment, but they do not guarantee the desired service. In many cases, the equipment may not be serviced in between hires and you might very well be carrying someone's dirt into your home. They may also be in poor condition, preventing them from working properly. As such, avoid relying on rented machines whenever possible.

8. Cleaning Carpet with Deodorizing Powder

When the desire for fresh scents takes the better part of you, you may be tempted to use deodorizing powder excessively during your Office Carpet cleaning. However, a deodorizing powder is not effective for cleaning and does not eliminate dirt. Worse yet, vacuum cleaners may not remove them completely, meaning the powder will likely accumulate and add to the pile of dirt over time. It is, therefore, advisable to use such powders sparingly.

Getting your Office Carpet to stay clean and fresh can be quite a challenging task. A lot of time and effort can be lost if you do not follow proper procedures to do the work correctly. There are several ways to clean carpet, and there are also some steps that you should avoid. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals still make simple mistakes that end up losing their time and sometimes even ruining their Office Carpet.

It is wise to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when cleaning your carpet. Be patient with stains and do not use too much abrasive when spot cleaning. Office Carpets are designed to last for a long time, avoiding these common cleaning mistakes will ensure that your carpet gives you long-term service.

Simple Office Carpet cleaning on a regular basis can go a long way in preserving the beauty and functionality of your carpet.

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