8 Mistakes To Avoid During Office Cleaning

To establish a healthy work atmosphere and employee motivation, it is truly essential to ensure neat and clean surroundings around the office. Although, most offices undergo a quick cleaning each and every day or at least at regular intervals, it is equally significant to get that done in the right fashion. An untidy workplace not only compromises the visual appeal of the place but also puts the health of the employees at risk. But, if you are well aware of common office cleaning blunders, you are surely going to bring the correct cleaning method to life.

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To help you and your staff with the same, here are 8 Mistakes To Avoid At The Time of Office Cleaning:
Excessive Use of Harmful Chemicals

Using chemicals for office cleaning has grown into a surprisingly common practice in the recent years. But, an excessive use of chemical cleaner is truly harmful for the objects around the place as well as the employees. A high dose of chemical solution used for the cleaning is likely to damage the furniture, floor and all other surfaces being cleaned. And also, frequent use of harmful chemicals put your employees at risk. What makes things worse is any of the employees suffering from an allergy with one or more of those chemicals. The chemical substances cause negative impacts on the physical and psychological well being of the people. So, make sure you go for a balanced use of chemical cleaning solutions while cleaning of your office.

Not Cleaning or Disposing Garbage Containers

Trash bins kept within an office building are made a constant use of, but most people forget to clean them regularly. In every 2-3 days, you must fill the bin with hot water and let it do splashes for a while, discard the water and allow it to dry. This makes sure the bin is totally free from any disgusting odours or germs. Also, all garbage bags in an office premises must be disposed daily. In fact, people should try to go for new bags instead of old ones, but a number of offices do not implement this simple practice.

Cleaning Windows in Hot Weather

If the weather outside seems to be a bit extra hot or too sunny, you must not clean the windows. That natural sunlight makes the cleaning solution dry quickly, thereby leading to weird marks or streaks on the glass of the windows. Sunnier the weather, quicker will your glass cleaner get dry and you are going to end up with unsightly streaks on the windows. It is advised to seek professional assistance or simply wait until its cold enough as a cloudy or cold weather is the best time to wash windows.

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Leaving Regular Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning staff of most offices usually doesn't consider carpets as a section that requires daily vacuuming, eventually cleaning them up every few days or even weeks. However, carpets are likely to get quite dirty with those regular spilling or dropping of organic and not organic materials, further leading to a bad smell around the office. To make sure your office gets the best possible cleaning, the staff should perform a regular vacuuming of the rugs and carpets too. However, one must not scrub those unsightly carpet stains in case something spills on the surface. Not only does scrubbing damage the carpet but also makes the stain even more difficult to remove. Before using a stain remover solution, it is recommended to use an absorbent towel and get rid of as much stain as possible.

Not Using The Right Tools

Every single cleaning tool serves a particular purpose and comes with its own limitations, whether its a regular cloth, brushes, or simply sponges. You can't get the task done with perfection if you use a common tool to clean everything that comes across. You need to possess the right tools to achieve the desired results after a thorough office cleaning. A variety of tools, including a reliable vacuum cleaner, dusting clothes, mop, broom, long broom, dusting gloves and many other supplies might be required to clean your office. The same goes for cleaning solutions - you need to gather different cleaning liquids or chemicals for different things around the premises to keep them clean with as much perfection as you can.

Improper Use of Vacuum Cleaners

The different furniture items, the rugs, floor coverings and various other surfaces around the office require different kinds of vacuum cleaning. So, one must go for a careful selection of the vacuum cleaner brush for cleaning different items. For example, a vacuum cleaner with turning brushes shouldn't be used on a shag cover to avoid getting the cover filaments teared. Also, vacuum cleaners can't perform to their full potential when they get loaded to their maximum capacity. In fact, they can end up throwing the dust, debris or dirt back into the atmosphere. The key is to go for a regular replacement of the cleaner's bag when about two-third of it gets filled.

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Improper Division of Waste

It's extremely essential to employ a proper system for the disposal of garbage at your workplace. All the employees must be trained to implement a proper disposal of waste in terms of their biodegradable and non-biodegradable nature. Going for appropriate labels on the dustbins can prove to be quite helpful for the same.

Ignoring Hidden Areas

A major mistake that most people make during the process of office cleaning is that they don't clean the areas that aren't quite visible. However, even those hidden areas are home to harmful germs and bacteria that put the health of the whole staff at risk. And of course, ignoring these areas lead to foul odour in the space and make the overall atmosphere dirty too. Make sure you go for a regular cleaning of those invisible sections of the office, whether its the walls behind the tables, or simply the backsides of picture frames.

There's no doubt in the fact that it becomes a lot more easier to motivate your staff to perform much better when they have a neat and clean workspace. One must avoid committing the aforesaid mistakes at the time of office cleaning as well as go for the assistance of professional office cleaning experts.

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