8 Myths On Office Cleaning

Having an office is just one part of the story but ensuring that it remains in good shape and in clean condition is not an easy task. Your office without doubt is your brand ambassador. Hence it is important for you to find out ways and means by which your office looks spick and span. While this is the one and only fact, there are some myths surrounding office and commercial cleaning which needs to be busted. Only then will people have a clear and factual idea about cleaning of office and commercial premises. Hence over the next few lines we will try and have a look at the important points to be kept in mind when it comes to cleaning commercial premises.


Myth 1: Clean Office Is Not Important After All

This is a bizarre myth but there are many offices which remain dirty and unkempt because they believe that offices need not look spick and span. According to them there are better things to do and money can be more judiciously spent on other things rather than spending it on keeping office in good shape. This is totally a wrong and myopic way of looking at things. This is because clean office is important to impress clients and bring a good brand and corporate image.

Myth 2: Any Type Of Cleaning Products Can Be Used

There are many who believe that when an office is cleaned, the choice of the cleaning material is not very important. According to them it is more about getting the job done rather than anything else. This is again wrong because use of substandard and cheap cleaning materials for your office could lead to problems than solutions. Apart from improper cleaning use of these harmful and low priced chemicals could lead to health problems for employees which is the last thing you would want as an employee

Myth 3: Professionals Are Not Needed

If you believe that your employees will be enough to take care of office cleaning, you could be totally wrong. You don’t hire precious employees to sanitize your office or to ensure that your rest room remains clean. They are hired for much better purposes and as employer you must reap the benefits of the skill sets they bring with them rather than using them for menial jobs.

Myth 4: Bleaching Is The Best Way To Clean And Disinfect Your Office

When it comes to cleaning mild, moss, lichens and other microorganisms, often bleaching considered as the best option. However the truth of the matter is that bleaching powder is not all purpose cleaning solution. Neither does it have the power to get rid of all dirt, germs and microorganisms. Finally, if regularly used, it could cause harmful chemical reactions which could be difficult to treat.


Myth 5: Office Cleaning Does Not Require Professionals

This is another common myths prevailing amongst many people. They believe that office cleaning is a simple and uncomplicated work and there is no need for having special professionals for this. This again is based on wrong assumption and understanding of the situation. It would be pertinent to mention that offices even if they are small are best managed and cleaned by professionals. They know the job well and they will be able to do a great job of it. They will also be to customize cleaning requirements keeping in mind specific needs and requirements. They also have trained human resources and the best of infrastructure to clean the office. They also will be able to work on weekends and holidays to ensure that the office looks in great shape when the new week begins.

Myth 6 No Special Equipments Are Needed For Office Cleaning

Many people who work in some of the best offices feel that the good old cleaning methods and equipments are good enough for keeping the offices in good shape. Many offices still continue to use brooms and other antique pieces of cleaning equipments. They feel that using modern cleaning equipments like washing machines, power washing machines and other such things is waste of money. This again is born out of ignorance. In fact such thought processes would be pennywise pound foolish because it will become counterproductive and the office will become one big junkyard over a period of time. If this happens cleaning it will be a big challenge to say the least.

Myth 7: Products Which Smell Clean Must Be Clean

There is another common belief that using highly perfumed cleaning objects in bathroom, rest rooms and other such places will mean that the place is completely clean and disinfected. This again might not be the right way to go about it. This is because cleaning is a different ball game and cleaning and disinfecting is something totally different. The best disinfectants do not smell too sweet but they do a very thorough job of cleaning. Hence it would be always better to give preference to disinfecting power over the good odor and smell which they emanate. Most such products are superfluous in their cleaning prowess and this point should never be lost sight of.


Myth 8: Carpets Need Not Require Regular Cleaning

Last but not the least, it is quite common to come across old and dirty looking carpets in many offices. This is because they are not cleaned regularly. There are many who believe that carpets need to be services perhaps only once in a month or perhaps even once in 45 days. There cannot be anything faulty than this thought process. Carpets accumulate and attract dust very fast. In fact it would be ideal to clean them at least twice or thrice a week to ensure that they are clean. They also attract lot many microorganisms and in an office where there is no natural light flowing in, dirty carpets would be the last thing which you would like to have.


Hence when it comes to office cleaning, one should look at it from specific viewpoints rather than being guided by practices and customs which are very old and most of which are not based on solid facts and logics.

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