9 Key Qualities To Look For In A Professional Office Cleaner

The reason why we refer office as our second home is the fact that we spend more time in them than our in homes. It is, therefore, important to have the healthiest environment possible around this place. Cleaning the office regularly is one of the most important things that you can do to give the office a pleasant and healthy working environment. Many benefits come with cleaning office including improved quality of the indoor air and positive impression among others.

Professional Office Cleaner

But can you do it by yourself? With the tight working schedules in Singapore, this might not be possible. Hiring someone to do the job would be the best option. Hiring professional office cleaner is the only way that you get value for money. But not only everyone advertising themselves as cleaners are professional as per say.

Here are is a guide on what to look for in a professional office cleaner for service provision

• Quality of equipment

We are in an era when technology is taking over almost everything that was considered manual. Cleaning services have been mechanized for quality service delivery. It will be naïve if for any reason that you don’t check the quality of the equipment that they are using. A professional cleaning service provider must have the most updated cleaning equipment on the market. It is important to note that the quality of equipment will have a direct impact on the quality of service delivered. Make sure that the service provider proves that they have the best and the most updated set of cleaning equipment.

• Good time management skills

Time is a factor that must be guarded at all cost especially when it comes to office cleaning. A professional office cleaning should possess good time management skills. You don’t want some that will arrive late or finish cleaning late than agreed. Most of the time, the cleaning should be done after the work and mostly at night. You need someone that will arrive on time to take over the office and at the same time finish the work on time to allow for the normal office operations. Make sure that they have a positive record in time management.

Professional Office Cleaner

• Quality of cleaners

The quality of the office cleaners should be top notch if the value for money is to be realized. Proper training and experience are some of the factors that you should look for in the cleaners. How long have they been doing office cleaning? Do they have professional training to execute the task? Office cleaning involves the use of equipment such as vacuum cleaners that can destroy your carpets if they are not used correctly. This is why proper training is necessary. make sure that the quality of cleaners is the best that you can find.

• Exceptional honest

A lot goes on in the office, and thus privacy is crucial. Having someone to clean your office is more like trusting them with your office. You might not be around to supervise the cleaning, and anything can happen when you are not around. What if some information gets leaked from the office? This is where the honesty of the service provider and mostly their employees is crucial. You can’t deal with someone with slippery fingers. You don’t want to hire someone, and the next day some items are missing from the office. Make sure that you have vetted them properly. Ask around from the prior clients on how honest they are.

• Professionalism

Professionalism is a key factor for the quality of service to be realized. If the company is marketing itself as professional, this image must be seen at all levels from the management to their employees. From the way they approach you, the way they charge for the service, the quality of the equipment and the employees must be a proof of a professional firm. They should also use appropriate language during the working hours and have excellent time management skills. The quality of their cleaning service must be the best that you find and one that gives value for your money.

• Friendliness

Office cleaning is all about creating a friendly environment between the cleaners and the client. There should be positivity in the office to build the confidence and trust between you and the cleaners. There should be a conducive environment, and this can only be developed by having a friendly relationship between the parties. No one would want to work with angry and hostile cleaners. It is important to have an idea of how the company workforce behaves and gauge if you can work with them.

Professional Office Cleaner

• Consistency

Consistency is all about keeping or maintaining the standards of service. An excellent cleaner should be consistent in their service delivery at all cost. It's annoying to hire someone who will provide excellent service on their first days, and once you have signed the contract, the quality of service starts deteriorating. This maybe by reducing the frequencies of cleaning or sending poorly trained cleaners. You need someone who will maintain the standard and keep on improving their service delivery with time.

• Attentiveness

A lot of details will be involved when doing office cleaning. You may also need a customized service depending on the nature of the office. Such details are important for the client satisfaction. You will need to work with someone who is attentive enough to execute them as directed. A good cleaner should be ready to listen to you and acknowledge that you are the boss the here and it is not about how they do it but how you want it done. Look for someone who listens to you and delivers to your expectations.

• Discretion

A professional cleaner should exercise the highest form of discretion in their service delivery. It will be unethical and unprofessional to leak information to the outside no matter how small it seems. In short, nothing should come out of that office. The cleaner should execute their services in a “no see no hear” attitude. Even if they unintentionally come across sensitive information, it should not leave the office door. They should not picture the office, take a video of the office or even try to expose the office to the outside in any way.

These are some of the main qualities to look for in a professional office cleaner. Not everyone who says that they professionals are indeed what they claim they are. Look for these qualities, and you will never get disappointed with the service. With this guide, you can find the best and the most professional officer cleaner there is in Singapore.

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