Investing In A Germ-Free Working Office

It would be a bit hard to believe this but one study found that an average office desk contains approximately 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Shocking, right? Well, that’s the plain truth. If you haven’t been paying extra attention to your working office hygiene, then you should no longer wonder why you and your employees are always down with a cold or some kind of illness. Germs and other microbes must have compromised the environment your working office.

The common culprits are the landline phone, the computer keyboard (it could be the dirtiest item in your office), drawers and cabinets, floors, and door handles. These are the areas that are commonly touched by people in the office. What’s even worse is that your office cleaning team only wipes and cleans common areas like the floor, kitchen, and the toilet. That’s exactly why the toilet seats have fewer germs compared to an office desk.

Germ-Free Working Office

Now you understand that germs can compromise your performance and that of your employees. Imagine giving sick-leaves to one or two persons every week. That would certainly affect performance, which would greatly bring down the level of your business’s productivity. One way to avoid such events is by investing in a germ-free working office.

Yes. You have to ensure that your working office is germ-free and that your employees’ health is not compromised. Furthermore, Singapore is rather humid and bacteria tend to grow and spread faster in offices.

So, how do you invest in a germ-free working office? Well, there are a few things you should do.

• Have the Cleaning Team Clean Up The Entire Office

Your office team is supposed to arrive earlier than everyone else so as to clean up the office and other areas. However, most only concentrate on cleaning the obvious areas- the floor, windows, the lobby, and desks. It’s also possible that they only use tap water with some detergent during cleaning. However, this is not enough to kill all the germs present on the desk in the office. A disinfectant must be added into the cleaning water to increase its germs-killing effectiveness. Enforce strict cleaning rules. All desks, keyboards, monitors, landline telephones, office chairs, drawers and cabinets, and door handles must all be cleaned with a disinfectant. This will greatly help reduce germs and therefore prevent illness in the office.

• Install Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are great for killing germs and the good thing is that you don’t have to keep washing your hands. Have some installed on your desk, at the reception desk, in meeting rooms, and other communal areas in the office.

Germ-Free Working Office

• Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services

Hiring professional office cleaning services can be very helpful in eliminating disease-causing bacteria and other harmful microbes from your office. With professional cleaning services, the right cleaning products and equipment are used to leave your working office clean and fresh. The cleaning team is well organized and has the expertise to clean office areas. Although it will cost you, having a clean and healthy working office is definitely a good investment- you’ll be able to eliminate any sickness caused by germs and bacteria.

What to Look for in a Professional Office Cleaning Service

Now hiring a professional office cleaning service in Singapore may not be a walk in the park. There are many office cleaning companies, but only a few are reputable. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend a whole load of money paying for services that won’t even make a change in your office environment. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a huge investment for sure. It’s for this reason that you need to hire reputable, honest, and trustworthy company.

Here are some few useful tips on what to look for in a professional office cleaning company in Singapore.

• Check to ensure that the company is Licensed
• Check to ensure that the company is has Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance
• Confirm that the Cleaners are Trained and Skilled
• Ensure that the Employees have been properly Screened- This may include criminal background and working history
• Hire a Company that Offers Affordable Services
• Hire a Flexible and Reliable Company
• Hire a company that has been in business for more than 3 years
• Hire a company that uses Safe Cleaning Products and Equipment
• Only hire a company that offers Guarantees on Services Provided
• Hire a Company that provides high-quality cleaning services and exceptional customer services.
• Hire a company that offers Emergency cleaning services- If for example there is an office party, you’ll certainly need to hire emergency services. You may also require emergency cleaning services after some renovations. It’s important to ensure that the company you’re hiring is available 24/7.
• Hire a company that offers Mold cleaning services- Not all cleaning companies in Singapore offer mold cleaning services.

Germ-Free Working Office

Cleaning Services to Look for From a Professional Cleaning Services

It’s extremely important to know about the kind of cleaning services you need. This will help you choose the right cleaning company according to your office’s specific cleaning requirements. Furthermore, not all companies in Singapore offer all types of office cleaning services. So, you need to be very thorough during your selection.

Some of the services you should look for in a commercial cleaning company include:

• Sweeping and washing floors
• Entrance, lobby, and reception area cleaning
• Stairs and elevators cleaning
• Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
• Washroom sinks, fixtures, partitions, and walls cleaning and disinfecting
• Cleaning office desks, chairs, door knobs, landline telephones, light switches, drawers, and cabinets…e.t.c.
• Lounge area and kitchen cleaning including sinks, countertops, refrigerators, water dispensers, microwaves, and toasters.
• Vacuuming carpet floors
• Cleaning air conditioners vents
• Window washing and blind cleaning
• Light fixture, baseboards, and millwork cleaning
Investing in a germ-free work office requires proper planning and organization. You’ll certainly spend some money, but your health and that of your employees won’t be compromised in any way.

When you get the best cleaning services, the productivity level of your business will greatly increase, bringing in more profit. Professional cleaning automatically freshens up your office environment and even creates a welcoming atmosphere for your clients. For sure, even the smallest investment such as hiring a cleaning service can lead to huge profits.

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