Mistakes to Avoid On Post Tenancy Cleaning

Everyone wants to get the sparking and perfect house for living. But we all want to sort it out with some hassle-free steps and in a time-consuming method. But there are many professionals in Singapore who can do this for you. It is definitely very struggling and stressful in order to change your house and move to a completely new place. It is obviously an energy consuming process as well. Many people want to clean their houses just before to get in and settle down finally. As a new tenant, it is very necessary to clean out all the dust and debris of your previous tenant. But there are many tenants who will end up with worst tenancy cleaning mistakes. But you should avoid these mistakes as well if you want to get back your deposit amount. So, post tenancy cleaning is very much important.

Post Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes

You will have to avoid these mistakes at the time of post tenancy cleaning. These are as follows:

Not cleaning the windows properly:
It is very natural that the tenants do not bother about the state of the windows. They take the windows for granted and simply ignore it. In the tenancy agreement, it states that the windows need to be cleaned properly from inside and outside when you are moving out. If you hire some professionals in this case, then you will have to discuss with them at first about these all. There are many companies who simply avoid the outside part of the window and the edges of the window portion. You will have to take care of it before hiring someone.

Not cleaning up the ceiling fan and light fixtures:
It is very important to do the dusting properly all across the house. You will have to clean-up the dust from the ceiling fans and light fixtures as well. If the tenant just moves out and does not clean-up the property accurately, then the landlord or the property owner does not happy with the condition and status of the property. The high ceiling corners and the light fixtures are the most neglected part of a house. You will need some kind of hard tools in order to reach out these complicated parts of the houses. Without some useful props, you cannot even clean them properly. Just because of these, the tenants hire some professionals in order to clean these little things and get it done in a professional manner. You can use ladder and vacuum cleaner in order to clean the light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Washing and scrubbing the walls:
If you made some sort of stains on the wall, then you will have to remove it before your leaving. The professionals will handle the matter very delicately. They will take care of everything. They do not let the wall paint damaged. If you try to scrub the wall, then it will get worse. So, you will have to hire some professional in this case. They know the cleaning hacks and complete the whole process very accurately.

Forget to wash the carpet:
Some people make the terrible mistake and forget to wash the carpet. It is the last thing that you should not avoid at all. Before leaving the property and moving out to a new place, it is necessary to clean-up all the things properly.

Don’t forget the outside area:
You should not forget about the outside part of the house. This part of the house should require cleaning properly. This includes garden, patio, garage and driveway as well. If you hire someone, then you should instruct them properly. You should handover them a list of to-do things. They should follow this accordingly.

Post Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes

It is your duty to clean the whole house and make it clear for the next tenants. You cannot leave your house dirty and filthy. It is not at all acceptable from a sensible tenant. It is your moral duty to clean the house and make the space clear for the next tenants. It is also very necessary if you want to get back your deposit money from your landlord. If you behave well, you can get your money back as soon as possible. The clean room can also create a fresh and hygienic space for other people. So, you should not repeat any mistakes those mentioned above.
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