Office Cleaning

Businesses have lots of endeavors to manage on daily basis. Apart from daily office operations, keeping the work environment clean is vital. Mentioned below are few reasons why office cleaning is so crucial.

Office Cleaning

Save Valuable Time & Money

Cleaning takes time and demands detailed attention that can interrupt your business operations and deviate your attention from running the business. You can save both time and keep the hassle of running housekeeping department away by employing professionals for this task. Apart from the above mentioned, you can save money on expensive cleaning equipment as well as paying housekeeping personnel.

Keep a Healthy Work Environment

Keeping your work place clean and tidy promotes healthy work environment and increase employees’ productivity which otherwise might get adversely affected because of sick leaves.

First Impression is the last Impression

The first point that clients notice upon stepping into an office is the ambiance of it and cleanliness is what affects the ambiance. Hiring a professional team makes certain that your office presentable for clients at all times.

Keep Your Workplace Free of Hassles

At times you and your team face immense pressure and hectic situations. The last thing you need such situation is an untidy work place that arises mismanagement and increases frustration.
- A systematic cleaning program conserves business.
- A radiant workplace is an excellent marketing tool.


In case you opt to hire a professional company for office cleaning, consider the following:
· Must have insurance:

Apparently cleaning an office might do not seem like a potentially hazardous task, but do remember that accidents happen. Be certain that the office cleaning company that you have hired holds valid insurance so that in case of any mishap it will be them who pay for damage and injury not your business.

· Clear Understanding:

Make sure that the cleaning company officials and you are on the same page as far as your expectations from that company is concerned. Be certain that its management has clear understanding of your requirements and put that in writing to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.

· Referrals:

Your clients can vouch for the services that you have rendered. Therefore, make sure that the desired company has good repute as far as their work quality and punctuality is concerned.

Office Cleaning

Among numerous benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company, following are few:

· Professional Office Cleaners Are Swift & Detailed: Professional Cleaning companies work systematically and swiftly. Other than standardizing the cleaning process, these professional office cleaning companies deliver better results.

· Your Employees will be obliged: Giving your employees a clean environment not only make them obliged but also increase the productivity.

· Improved air quality: Keeping office environment clean improves air quality.

· They’ll Restock The Bathrooms: In addition to cleaning your office from top to bottom, the team from Maintenance One will take care of little things, like restocking the toilet paper, soap, and paper towels in each bathroom.

· Free yourself from stress: Outsourcing your office cleaning to professionals helps you focus on your business.


There are many impacts on the productivity of a workplace because of cleanliness.

- Consistent cleanliness plays a major role in sustaining durable, dynamic and productive ambiance in workplace.

- One of the apparent advantages of keeping workplace clean is lessening of the reduction of bugs and rubbish in the area. This results in fewer sick days and boosted energy levels.

- Employees perform better under tidy conditions and improve workflow. An orderly workplace makes it easier to locate and get needed materials and equipment thus saving valuable time.

- A significant improvement in mood is observed in a clean. This plays even more important role when it’s cold and dark winter months during which depression is at its peak.

- An untidy workplace adds stress while a tidy one makes tasks look much easier.


To ease the flow of materials
Reduced tripping and slipping accidents
Diminished fire hazards
Reduced employees’ exposures to hazardous substances
Improved management of inventory and supplies
Well organized cleanup of equipment and its maintenance
Improved health as a result of enhanced hygienic conditions
Better space management
Improved preventive maintenance that reduces property damage
Better morale
Better productivity

Office Cleaning

Effective Elements Of Office Cleaning Program Storage

To overcome material storage issues, material storage problems must be addressed.

Waste Disposal

The usual categorization of scrap plays a crucial role in good housekeeping practices.


Periodic maintenance not only reduces the repairing costs but also increases the asset life.

Spill Control

The best soundest way to avoid spills is to prevent them from taking place.

Aisles and Stairways

Spacious and tidy aisles inspire people to use them and avoid taking through hazardous areas.

Maintain Light Fixtures

Keeping light fixtures clean improve lighting efficiency considerably.


Most accidents in workplaces occur because of bad floor condition and oil or liquid spills. Likewise, light colors on walls reflect light while dark colors absorb light. The workplace can be turned into lively just by painting the walls with appropriate colors. Warning signs should be painted at the right spots and suit height to be noticed.

Employee Facilities

Areas reserved for employees must be tidy with adequate number of lockers provided to store personal belongings. Employees’ toilets must have uninterrupted supply of soaps, disinfectants and towels. Where there are toxic materials, smoking should be strictly prohibited. Eating or drinking must also be Not Allowed at work stations or desks.


The importance of cleanliness is not overlooked by any society. Emphasis on cleanliness is being placed by every faith as well as civilization. Therefore; it can be a factor to measure the standard of any workplace as well. A substantial amount can be saved by adopting a tidy and healthy life style. From a business’s perspective, it prevents extra expense incurred due to poor hygienic conditions at work place as well improve the productivity of personnel by offering them healthy work environment.

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