Post Tenancy Cleaning - The Ultimate Tenant's Guide

A properly done post tenancy cleaning is the only way to reclaiming back your initial deposit. However, it comes in a critical moment when your whole being is flooded with a wealth of mix emotions and reactions. You are eager to bring the buzz and ecstatic feelings of a new home, new environment, and new friends into existence. At the same time, the sad reality of leaving behind your mates and even relatives hit you like a truck.

Post Tenancy Cleaning

Though you feel rejuvenated to meet the beckoning cleaning task head-on, you can’t believe it is you who hoarded the existing loads of junk. And, honestly speaking, you may be confused where to start from and what to start with. If you are in that shoe then worry less. This ultimate tenant’s guide will surely puff life into you and help in realizing a sparkling-clean post tenancy beautification.

Move everything out

Moving out may look simple but it is in itself burdensome. Therefore, you need high-end planning in order to successful partake of it. Prior to the cleaning process, you will need to clear the rooms of any personal belonging. These include all items that you moved in with and the recently bought ones.

You can hire a truck to load these items to the new place or carry them to a personal store for short-term storage. Better still, you can rope help from a close friend. However, not all moving out schedules come out expected. In such a bizarre incident, you will need to move the items outside your rooms as you plan on how to embark on the cleaning process.

Give your rooms a once over

Unlike other normal cleaning processes, reclaiming the initial look of the rooms takes an effort. It can relate to refilling the cracks, holes, and paints on the walls, floors and other surfaces. Bottom-line, you must know exactly what you need to do.

Giving the rooms an initial once over will help you define what you require for proper cleaning. It helps in knowing whether you will need to engage a professional cleaner or just do the task by yourself. It helps in knowing the types of cleaning equipment and materials to use. In short, it defines the overall level of damage in the various rooms.

Adopt methodical one-by-one cleaning

Having known the level of damage and the type of equipment to use, the next process is deciding on the best method of cleaning. You can go for either mass cleaning or methodical one-by-one room cleaning.

Though time-consuming, methodical one-by-one room cleaning realizes top beautification. It is recommendable where there are many rooms to be cleaned. Otherwise, if the house consists of one or two rooms, mass cleaning is effective.

Remove the dust and other pick-ables

The first process in real cleaning is the removal of the pick-ables and dust. Using the bin, move from one room to another while in the process picking every piece of item that you meet on your way. These items can be in the form of debris, stones, pieces of paper, and old objects that you do not need anymore. While doing this, remember to counter-check every piece of these items to ensure that you do not throw your identity. You can then follow closely with a sweep or broom for dust removal.

Thoroughly clean the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the homestead and first inspector’s scope. Therefore, to succeed in the forthcoming inspection, you will need to do it at the time when you are still energized.

For an ideal beautification, start with the basics of the kitchen. These include the bench tops, sinks, and cabinets. Disinfect all the working surfaces and faucets before going ahead to thoroughly dry cleaning them.

A lot of focus should be given to the sink. Before cleaning its faucets, it is advisable to check on its drainage. Block the drain and completely fill it with water. You can then go ahead and allow the water to freely flow down the drain. In case you observe some bubbles, then definitely there are some hitches in its drainage system. Hot water or a dose of Draino can clear out any of this mess.

Clean the bathroom

The next inspector’s scope is the bathroom. As small as it may look, it can be the only reason why your proprietor may fail to refund you.

With hand gloves, do thorough disinfection of the toilet bowel inside and out. This should include the lid. You can finally run clean water through it for an amazing look.

Clean the faucets, handles and the tops. A packet of Windex can get every piece of dirt from the bathroom mirrors. You will realize that some part of the bathroom is covered with hard water stains. Check and remove them before finally dry cleaning the whole room and proceeding to the next one.

Post Tenancy Cleaning

Clean the bedroom

With the initial dust removal cleaning, you will realize that a little is left in the bedroom. However, you can run some water on the floor or dry mop it for an amazing look and feel. Vacuum the wardrobes and dusty wall surfaces.

Clean the sitting room

The sitting room should be the last room to be kept clean. You will realize that, with no furniture and other personal items, it assumes a hall-like look. As a result, the cleaning process is not tedious. Just some dry mopping or vacuuming of the remaining dusty surfaces and you are done. However, just like in the bedroom, wall and floor surfaces in the sitting room are prone to cracks and faded paintings. Therefore, you may need to repaint or refill such surfaces.

Clean the garage

The garage should be last on the list. First, make sure it has nothing in it, maybe just the garbage bin. Using a broom, sweep any nitty-gritty of the previous parking session. You can then go ahead and mop the surface golden clean. Use anti-grease detergent to wipe the lurking oil stains out of any space. Lastly, repaint where necessary for an amazing look.

Give all the rooms a once-over

Once you are done with every place, you can sit and have a favourite energy drink to recollect yourself. This break should be long enough to give the room time to dry up. You can then proceed to spot-check every single room with sheer vigilance. Redo every place that you feel are not well taken care of.

Final thought

With this post tenancy cleaning guide and competent-based cleaning, be sure of painting a huge smile on your inspector’s face. However, due to factors such as limited time, feel free to rope help from friends or relatives. On the other hand, you can hire a janitor or cleaning company for the post-tenancy-cleaning task.
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