The Myths And Facts About Office Cleaning

A clean and well maintained office can really boost the potential output of work. Ideologically and practically, maintaining a clean and tidy office set up and environment can really uplift the working spirits of employees and everyone. Office invariably connects with concentration, peace of mind, determination and energetic approach towards work. All this is almost impossible if you are working in an unhygienic, unmanaged and untidy office environment. As per study and researches, in generally the bacterial growth on unclean surfaces increases up to 31% if they not cleaned routinely. Therefore, keeping in mind the productivity of work, health and hygiene of workers, investing in office cleaning is of course worthwhile.

Office Cleaning

Myths about Office Hygiene Maintenance and Cleaning

Entrepreneurs invest huge capitals to set up offices and start businesses. However, many a times they tend to lose employees who sometimes resign. Again, sometimes business owners find productivity from offices is potentially lower than estimations. This may be owing to maximum sick leaves taken by employees resulting from unhygienic environment in office. Sometimes, dirty and untidy offices fail to motivate workers too. However, entrepreneurs seem to cling to certain myths regarding office routine cleaning. You need to realize the factual base of the myths to re-establish your concepts.

Employees Can Manage Cleaning -

Many a times employers belief that employees can maintain the clean and tidiness within the office compound themselves. Well, when it is about office cleaning, you need to consider everything, starting from windows, to floors, desks to dustbins, washrooms to cabins. Therefore, your skilled employees are hired for their knowledge and skills. If you waste them on unrelated works your ultimate work targets will never be fulfilled.

Professionals are not Required –

Sometimes many people cling to the wrong notion that cleaning offices do not require professionals. It can be done anyone. Well, every work is important and requires skill and expertise, so does office cleaning. Professionals know which areas of the office require which type of cleaning and dusting and can manage the work efficiently within an estimated time.

It is not essential –

A common myth among many merchants and corporate officials are that you can do without cleaning your office since corporate works are different from industrial ones. There are no scopes resultant wastages in office works. But they often forget about the whole lot of scraps of paper wasted in offices. The dusts and bacterial growths everywhere, like dustbins, floors, dust of desktops, urinals, window panes, etc. After all, hygiene is the most important thing in an office. It enhances productivity as well.

Office Cleaning

No Special Cleaning Products Required –

This is yet another popular misconception among business owners who consider cheap cleansing materials are enough for cleaning purposes. However, as per facts cheap chemicals can damage your office equipments, floors, and even keep scope for bacterial growths since all germs are not killed with cheap and unreliable products.

Bleaching is the Ultimate Solution –

Many have the misconception that in cases of lichens or moss, or slippery floors of urinals, bleaching is the best cleaning option. But bleaching hardly kills the germs or disinfects bacterial growths. Moreover, it has a suffocating and choking effect when used which could be harmful if inhaled for long.

Brooms are enough for cleaning –

If you too still harbour the belief that brooms are enough for your office cleaning wake up from the sleep. The world has proceeded way beyond in technological aspect even in respect to cleaning. You need to accept the latest cleaning procedures including washing machines, power machines which offer efficient cleaning with less effort and worth of an investment.

Neglect the Carpets –

Carpet dusting or cleaning is an expensive affair sometimes. Therefore, many subconsciously cling to the myth that carpets do not require cleaning. However, to much dust accumulation may cause dust allergy, dusty environment, etc problems.

Office Cleaning

Amazing facts about Cleaning in Offices

You may not be familiar with some of the interesting facts about cleaning offices. But you will really be amazed to know certain vital and intriguing realities behind the scene. May be you have neglected cleaning your office with professional experts till now, but after knowing these real life cleaning concerns, you will surely give professional office cleaning a second thought. As per a study of office tools or corners which can have maximum dirt, an amazing fact has cropped out. There are almost 25000 germs found on every per square unit of an office telephone.

75% of the office washroom or canteen taps and washroom door handles can be cause of spreading of germs and illness. Office seats generally appear clean, but as per a general survey it has been found to 400 times dirtier than regular toilet seats.
Almost 97% employees are affected some or the other time by major or minor contagious diseases. The percentage of female employees in this record is higher compared to male employees. Most of the employees tend to remain dissatisfied about office cleaning where age old cleaning equipments are the sole cleaning devices. Even keyboards in offices are a great source or dust accumulation which often requires professional cleaning solutions. Professional cleaning programs and routine cleaning offices can essentially minimize sick leaves of employees.

As per facts and figures of surveys, regular professional cleaning of offices can impress not only your clients but also new applicants to be employees in your office. Cleaning your office corners, floors, desks etc can boost the productivity of employees by providing them a sense of refreshing and inspiring environment to work.

Therefore, if until now you have always neglected to consider professional help for cleaning your office compound this is high time you reconsider your preferences. Maintaining and securing the health quotient of your employees is your responsibility. This responsibility can be done by offering a clean and hygienic office environment. Starting from sparkling floors to tip top desks, clean urinals to room fresheners everything counts if offering a perfect working environment. Health is a primary concern, and therefore only good health and healthy environment can lead to good working environment.

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