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If you own an office in Singapore then keeping it clean and maintaining it that way is naturally the first thing that you should always think about. You ought to make it look fresh and clean at all times in order to make your stay in it comfortable. This is very essential as you spend close to half of your day in the office daily except for maybe weekends. If your office is large and you require it to be cleaned properly, then you would need proper preparations. Even though you were to hire a professional office cleaning company to carry out the effective cleaning of your office, you will need to make some preparations. These preparations will be important especially in identifying the first and last place for you to start when your office is being cleaned.


 Below are some considerations that you should consider in order to pull off this exercise successfully:

Being Highly Organized

As the owner of the office to be cleaned, you should start by being highly organized as your first preparation. This will involve you calling the professional office cleaning company well in advance to work out on the appropriate cleaning times and also ensure that finances are well arranged. Apart from these type of basic preparations, you have to also ensure that you physically prepare for the cleaning to be done well. This will involve making arrangements to have your important documents, files and even furniture that may get in the way of the cleaning properly arranged. If you do these preparations well, then it would shorten the period within which the whole office will be cleaned fully. This will help you return to your normal daily operations soon and without any delays or inconsequence.

Division of the Cleaning Tasks

This tip is very important especially if you will be involved in the cleaning process and even if you are not involved, it will enable the work to be completed in good time. You can be of assistance to the office cleaning staff that will be sent to wash your office when it comes to sub-dividing the office into sections. This will then see the staff start cleaning the easier sections of the office first before proceeding to the more complex sections. This divide and conquer technique will ensure that the cleaners will give every section of your office the detailed attention they deserve. This will also increase the chances of having the office thoroughly cleaned and a magical outcome when the job is completed. You should be actively involved in the sectioning of your office so as to avoid grouping sections that are used for almost the same functionality at the same time. This would impede the operation of the office as one section of your office will be grounded during the time that the cleaning persists.

Removing the Unwanted Things from the Office

It could be possible that you office has recently begun looking small maybe due to the keeping of things that you do not need for your work in the office. When you plan to carry out your routine office cleaning procedure, you will get a chance to remove these things. You should arrange to have all the unwanted furniture and other things that are affecting your office space plan. This will also form part of the preparation that is expected from you as the office owner before the cleaning company lands in your office to commence their job.


Sorting Things Out

Cleaning your office does not only focus on washing the office walls, windows, attic and carpet cleaning alone. You also have to sort and group all things together in order to generally improve the smooth operation of activities in your office. You can direct the cleaners where to place several things in the office to ensure that you arrange them in such a way that you will not take forever to locate any particular file or document. The sorting of things up during the cleaning process will ensure that your office is well aligned in an orderly fashion. This assists you to not only have a thoroughly cleaned office but also a neatly arranged one to make it look impeccable.

Introducing Drawers and Containers to hold the unused things

After sorting out the things that you no longer use in the office all the time, ensure that you as the office owner supply the cleaners with drawers and containers. These will be useful in holding every item that you no longer use all the time in order to ensure that your office does not get dirty fast. They will help you get the aesthetic appeal that you desired in the first place when you decided to get the professional office cleaning company in your office at first. This will be a sure way of keeping the order in your office and it will also make it easier for the cleaners. They will be able to clean well without a lot of complexities in the sections that contain these drawers and containers.

Considering the Time taken to clean every Section of the Office

Once the office is properly divide into sections, the cleaners will be able to set a time limit to clear washing a particular section. This will enable you as the office owner to be aware of how long a certain section will not be usable and thus plan well in advance on how to cope. This will eradicate chances of running into any type of inconvenience at all. You should consider any form of visits that are scheduled for a particular day to ensure that the visitors will get the areas they will visit already cleaned. The areas that have a slower flow ought to be cleaned first and then the more busy areas should be handled later on. The most busy or sensitive sections can be cleaned during the weekend or after hours. This will help eradicate any form of inconveniences whereby the whole office will be forced to shut down their operations.


Proper office cleaning will only take place whereby both the office owner and the office cleaning personnel consider employing the divide and conquer technique. This technique will ensure that both parties identify the sections that will be the first and also last to be cleaned. This will allow room for effective cleaning to be realized in the end.

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