Which Areas Are The Hardest To Clean In Your Office?

Office cleaning is a crucial task that most people overlook. Many areas require cleaning in an office. However, the battle against germs in an office can be very tricky since most germs are invisible to the naked eye. Since the office is a busy environment, it is possible to transfer germs to places that are difficult to clean. Some areas in your office harbor most germs and make it challenging to clean such spots. Which areas are the hardest areas to clean in your office? Here the spots that are hard to clean and time-consuming.


#1. Office kitchen

Germs and bacteria flourish in warm and moist areas such as office kitchen. In this case, office kitchen is the hotspot of germs. The leftovers and shared sponges at the sink can make the office kitchen the epicentre of bacteria and viruses. With so many employees using the office kitchen, this is one of the hardest areas to clean in your office.

#2. Office desks

The study shows that office desks contain over 100 times the amount of germs as toilet or bathroom. The office desks can gather dust and germs over time. In fact, some areas of the desk are difficult to access. Partitions can collect germs and residue on a daily basis. Moreover, cleaning under the desks can be challenging and require the help of professional cleaners.

#3. Door frame

This may seem like a less likely spot for germs, but this is one of the areas that can harbor a lot of germs. In most cases, a person resting against the door frame and holding the door knob can transfer germs to such areas. Moreover, door frames can collect dust and germs that can be difficult to clean. This is one of the areas that have been overlooked by most office cleaners.

#4. Copy Room

Just like the personal desk space, the copy room can harbor a lot of germs and dust. Numerous employees handle the copy room equipment such as copy machine, printer, and staplers throughout the day. Therefore, copy room can be difficult to clean by ordinary office cleaners and requires the help of professionals in most cases.


#5. Under the office chairs

Office chairs may seem easiest to clean, but this is not the case. The underside of the chairs can collect a lot of germs and dust. In most cases, the office chairs may require the help of professional cleaners. Moreover, the crevices on the chairs may harbor germs that require the use of specialized equipment.

#6. Vents and Ducts

Air conditioning system moves a lot of air in an out of the room. This air comes with a lot of debris and dirt that accumulate in vents and ducts of the air conditioning systems. In most cases, the vents and ducts are cleaned the professional air conditioning technicians. Trying to clean such places if you have no skills or experience can lead may cause damages. For instance, you might get injured of you try to clean fan blades when the air conditioning system is running.

#7. Computers

Computers are one of the most challenging items to clean in an office. Computers often gather a lot of dust and overlooked during office cleaning. Cleaning the computer require the help of professionals. Trying to clean computers without adequate skills or experience may do more harm than good.

#8. Telephones

Telephones are the most vital elements in every office, but can harbor a lot of dust and germs. Persons cannot do the cleaning of telephones without skills or experience. Moreover, the resting place of the telephones can gather a lot of germs and dust. In most cases, the telephone connections might be interrupted if unqualified persons clean them.

#9. Lights

Often, it's hard to notice the dirt that is collected by lights. The lights are out of reach and require the help of professional cleaners. Most people who have cleaned the ceilings can confirm that dust can settle anywhere regardless of the heights. Dust can settle on fluorescent lights and fixtures. You may clean the lights by climbing the ladders, but this can be hazardous as you can fall.


#10. Curtains and blinds

Like upholstery, most people tend to neglect curtains and blinds. Even if they are not stained, curtains and blinds can accumulate a lot of dust and germs. Blinds are time-consuming to clean and collect dust very easily. In this case, cleaning such places can require the help of professional cleaners.

#11. Window panes

Cleaning the windows may seem like a simple task to many people. Imagine how difficult clean the window panes from the outside in a multi-storied building! This requires cleaning through the help of professionals who use special cleaning equipment. Moreover, such window panes require the use special cleaning detergents.

#12. Carpets

Carpets are the most challenging areas to clean in an office. They are made from special materials that cleaning through the help of professional carpet cleaners. Carpets can harbor a lot of germs and dust, which can cause allergies and other health problems to the employees in an office. You can just clean the carpet with ordinary soapy water and wait for it to dry naturally. In this case, carpets are cleaned and dried with special carpet cleaning machines.

#13. Microwave

Nothing in the office gets used more than a microwave cooker. Spills frequently occur, and employees are not quick to clean it up. If left long, microwave can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, you cannot just clean the microwave if you have no skills and experience on the same. Usually, you should carefully read the manual in order to clean the microwave. However, most of the people are not good at following instructions, and that is why microwave are hard to clean.


Office cleaning is a routine practice that should be carried out on a regular basis. Most parts of the office require basic cleaning and can be done by any person with or without professional cleaning knowledge. The areas which are difficult to clean are very risky or out of reach. Therefore, it is important to consult professional cleaning experts to help you clean such areas.

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