26 Useful Office Cleaning Checklist You Can Use?

When a client visits your office, the first impression he/she sees will either convert him/her to a buyer or not. An office needs to be clean all the time but the biggest challenge is the staffs are always busy on their responsibilities but that should not lead to postponement of office cleaning task. Thanks to office cleaning services that can take care of the task while employees carry own with their jobs of meeting customer’s needs. Take a look at the following 26 Useful Office Cleaning Checklist You Can Use in your Singapore business.

1. Emptying Waste Bins

Here, the office cleaning company will make sure that every dustbin is emptied. It involves visiting all the office spaces where the bins are located and then disposing the waste in a proper place depending on whether they are recyclable or not.

Emptying Waste Bins

2. Vacuum of Carpets and Mats

If there is one item in an office environment that is never free from dust is the carpet and the mat too. Dust in an office implies that both the employees and customers will be inhaling dust which is a health hazard. This checklist emphasizes on making sure that the carpets and mats are all dust free. It should be a routine office cleaning service as long as the office is still in use.

3. Vacuum of Floor

Apart from the carpets and mats, the floor is also prevalent to dust and mad too. Vacuuming of the floor by a professional cleaner will keep it spot and dust free. If your office does not have a carpet, the vacuum of the floor becomes inevitable. Using your office staff to clean the floor may not be fruitful because they lack the morale to do it since they will see as an additional task that is not rewarding. Let professional cleaners do it for a better result.

4. Furniture Dusting

There is no doubt about the fact that most of the office furniture are made of wood and leather. Both of these materials are vulnerable to attracting dust even when they are used in an enclosed area. Dust is moving freely in air hence the office furniture can never be spared. Instead of dusting the office table and sit every day with a cloth or tissue paper, let professionals in furniture dusting do the task and save your precious time.

Furniture Dusting

5. Disinfecting the Floor

The floor of an office is full of microorganism that can be harmful to anyone’s health. The bacteria found in office floor are normally transferred by the users via their shoes as they step on it. Let cleaners get rid of this microorganism by disinfecting the floor.

6. Cobweb Removal

If there is one thing that sucks in an office is the cobweb that likes to be formed on wall’s corners and window panes. Professional office cleaning service can entail removing the entire cobweb.

7. Fingerprint Removals

This task is very important especially when a business is relocating to a new business environment. Why should other company users fingerprints stay put on the door and cabinet handles. Cleaning can emphasize on removal of the entire fingerprint wherever they are.

8. Automatic Door Cleaning

Cleaning an automated office door is not a task anyone can carry out. It can lead to door damage and to avoid that, this service therefore becomes essential.

9. Window Cleaning

When it comes to office cleaning, among the checklist that can never be ignored is the cleaning of window. How can you feel to be in a nice office when the see-through windows are no longer visible? Light can’t pass through because of dust? You now know what you need.

10. Attic Cleaning

Here, dust and mice wastes needs to be removed.

11. Polishing Door and Cabinet Handles

Most offices in Singapore have appealing door and cabinet handles that may be gold/silver coated. To maintain its look, this service becomes necessary.

12. Spot Removal in Walls

Spot Removal in Walls

Your visitor is not supposed to spot any dirt spot in a decent office. Let cleaners get rid of them all.

13. Shredding and Disposal of Waste Papers

Sometime you may be tired of the waste papers that are all over the office. Professional cleaners can shred all of them and dispose properly.

14. Toilet Cleaning

Well, toilets need to be clean all the time and since many people are busy, let professionals take care of it.

15. Bin Liners Replacement

When these bags are full, professional cleaners will remove all of them and do immediate replacement.

16. Mirror Polishing

Why should you use your handkerchief to make the mirror cleaning when polishing can be done?

17. Wipe Detergent Dispensers , Tissue Handler and Hand Dryers

These items are prone to dust and they need to be wiped out.

18. Wipe of Rarely Used Doors

If your office has a room that is not used often, its doors may need to be cleaning by getting rid of dust.

19. Basins Cleaning

The employees may be using basins for various tasks but fail to clean them thoroughly.

20. Elevator and Stair Cleaning

Most office users love to use the elevator and stairs but no one remembers to clean the areas. Let professional cleaners’ clean those including handles.

21. Urinal Cleaning

Toilet cleaning

It is not just cleaning but also disinfecting and adding new toilet perfumes.

22. Vacuum Vents Cleaning

The vents are also prone to dust and cleaning them is the way out.

23. Reception Cleaning

As your clients wait for a service, they will have to relax for a minute at the reception. In fact, this is one of those areas where cleaning MUST never be ignored to maintain a positive reception.

24. Outdoor Rubbish Cleaning

There are those offices with dustbins placed at the outdoor spaces. Removing wrongly placed rubbish can be done and then disposed properly.

25. Garage Cleaning

An office can also have a garage and no one will ever think of cleaning it. Well, professional cleaners can take of that at your own pleasure.

26. Office Furniture Relocation

When an office relocates from one room to another, cleaning services may need to be done in both rooms.

The company that is supposed to do office cleaning should be able to provide you with a checklist like that above. You are free to choose from the list which one will work for your office in Singapore. It is also important in determining the cost of the cleaning service. From the above checklist, you will be in a position to transform your office into a perfectly clean environment ideal for a profitable business. It helps in identifying the places which you will have never even thought of when it comes to office cleaning.

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