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Finding cleaning services for your offices, apartments or home can be overwhelming if you do not know how to pick your companies. Although cleaners existed even in the past, there has been an outburst of cleaning businesses and the market now has numerous cleaning companies all claiming to offer the best services. Nonetheless, you can always tell a reliable cleaner from the rest since trustworthy companies have hallmarking attributes that can set them apart. Once you know what to look for, it becomes very easy to hire your next cleaning office services. However, you need to learn a few things about office cleaning and what the impacts of outsourcing these services are before you hire them. Here is a brief review of office cleaning services and how you can go about hiring a professional cleaner.

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Important notes on office cleaning

It is important to note that the office is more like a home albeit with more visitors in the form of clients. Your challenge is to ensure the office is clean, hygienic, safe, and well organized at all times. This means you need regular cleaning (at least once a day or more depending on the traffic), weekly major cleaning and quarterly roof and wall cleaning. You should also practice the use of safe cleaning agents and efficient fast cleaning methods. The whole process should be timely and have low environmental impacts. The first thing to do before hiring office cleaners is to assess the situation and requirements back at the office. If you already have a permanently employed cleaning staff, then you probably only need extra cleaning services on major cleaning days for roofs, walls, appliances and exterior surfaces. You may also need these services following a repair or remodelling construction work, or in anticipation of a major event taking place in your office premises. If you have just opened a new business start ups and do not have cleaning employees, then you can contact companies that offer office cleaning services and contract such services. The best cleaners in the market will have offers to higher daily cleaning personnel, just like it is done with security personnel today. If you want to replace your permanent employees who may have formed a habit already, this is the best way to go. Most arrangements shuffle cleaning personnel from time to time to ensure the quality of service is not compromised when staffs become complacent from staying too long and “knowing the trick.”

Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Office Cleaner
Hiring office cleaning services seems like a perfect deal but this may not always be so if you happen to contract less professional janitors who have limited capacity and technical knowledge. Some are simply too expensive while others use cheap harsh cleaning agents that will quickly wear out your tiles, walls, varnishes and paints. It is therefore important to do your research before allowing any cleaner to step into your offices with their tools. Some of the things to deliberate upon include the following.

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Reputation and portfolio

How many previous and/or current clients are giving positive reviews, complaints, testimonials and generic comments about the service? Are they ranked on any expert review site and what is their rating? Have you got any referrals from other people? Such questions will help you gauge the level of quality offered by a given cleaner. Essentially, office cleaning companies known for consistent satisfactory quality of service will have a good reputation in the area. You can look through their portfolio to find out which other businesses uses their services and what they have to say.

Experience and capacity

Depending on the type of office you have, it may be important to find out whether the cleaner in question can adequately handle the task at hand. Not all cleaners have the technical know-how, let alone the equipment to clean tall building offices and glass walls, covered vents and patios. If you own a large enterprise with complex buildings, request the list of offered services from the cleaning company and find out whether they can meet your needs. Since they will, in most cases agree to be competent for a given cleaning task, the best way to go about it is to read their service list. Choose experienced cleaners who have been serving in the industry for a while. They probably have a well-organized service framework and can begin cleaning immediately.

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Service quality and guarantees

Keeping healthy safe environment is very important so is protecting your assets from unnecessary damages. The cleaning company should offer quality service guarantees including the promise to use low-impact cleaning procedures and preferably organic/natural cleaning agents. They should also offer trained personnel well-equipped for the job. All cleaners should be given instructions and necessary protective gear. The job should be finished within the shortest time possible and provisions for assignment redoing should be made available if the service rendered does not meet agreed standards.

Other business service factors

There are many other service aspects to consider especially if the cleaning personnel are going to spend several minutes within your establishment. It may become important to find out the employee hiring processes involved to ensure background check is done when recruiting cleaners. Reputable cleaners usually have a proper structure that ensures no one leaves your offices with anything that they did not bring in. The cleaning company should also have an insurance plan in case of accidents and/or damages to property during cleaning. Finding reliable cleaners requires deep insights and it is often better to get referrals from clients who have already used and liked the service. Another important consideration is cost affordability. Although this is normally the last thing to review after considering all the other factors, it is still very crucial. The end game is to find value for money besides having a clean safe office. Once you have a couple of potential cleaners to choose from, compare their quotes and make your decision.


Cleaning office services should not be a problem to secure in the modern world in sophisticated regions like Singapore. There are many such businesses in the market and landing only requires a keen eye for reliable offers. Choose credible licensed businesses that are licensed and recognized to offer office cleaning services in your region.

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