4 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Office Carpet

If you've spent a good amount of money on your office carpet, you clearly want it to serve you for a longer period as possible. However, a good majority destroy their office carpets during cleaning. People assume carpets are like other fabrics hence use the same approach—that's where they get it all wrong. At one point, your carpet will get dirty no matter how hard you try to keep it clean.

Office Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

As stated earlier, there are common carpet cleaning mistakes that people make that should be avoided at all costs. The mistakes not only destroy the face ambiance and elegance of the carpet but also shorten its service life. Stick around while we explore 4 mistakes that you should avoid when dusting or shampooing your office carpet.

Applying The Wrong Detergent.

You will be destroying the quality of your carpet when you apply or use the wrong cleaning products. Before you decide which detergent you are going to use on your carpet, check with the manufacturer's specifications to see what they recommend. What's good for someone else's brand does not necessarily mean it is good for your carpet too.

Failing To Clean Spills Immediately.

Spills are the leading cause of carpet stains. You may try to prevent spills but it is always impossible to completely prevent them from happening. However, the impact of spills on your carpet depends entirely on how you'll handle them whenever they occur. Delaying cleaning not only results in stains but bad odor too due to dampness. Dealing with spills as soon as possible prevents extensive spread, deep sipping into the fabrics and it is much easier.

If you wish to clean the stains on yourself, have basic knowledge on how to handle different stains as described below:

if it's red wine, dilute it with white and then apply cold salt-water.

scrape without spreading to unaffected areas then apply mild detergent, white vinegar and warm water.

apply a mild detergent followed by vinegar and warm water.

use a mild detergent, vinegar and warm salty-water.

wait till its dry, scrape then apply a mixture of detergent followed by warm water and vinegar.

apply a mixture of seltzer and baking soda followed by a solution of water and ammonia mixed in the ratios of 10:1. That is, for every ten cups of water add one cup of ammonia.

Cleaning Every Now And Then.

The old adage says too much of something is poisonous and it applies here too. Though you are advised to clean your carpet on a regular basis, you should however not clean your carpet unless it is necessary. Cleaning your carpet after two or three weeks is totally wrong because you will be damaging the fabrics by constantly pulling them. To help maintain your carpet's face value, avoid cleaning it every other week.

Using The Wrong Method.

Finding the right cleaning product is one thing and using the right method is another. Check the cleaning instruction on the manufacturer's manual. Ensure you follow the guidelines every time you are cleaning the carpet. If you find this difficult, consider hiring a professional. Obviously, it will cost you money but it is nothing compares to the amount that will be required to buy a new one. Professional service providers know exactly what to do. Let's be honest, there is a great difference when you clean the carpet on your own and when it is cleaned by professionals. Using the right detergents, methods and advances cleaning machines make the whole difference.

Another mistake that most people make is clean the surface only. It is easier but wrong because dirt sitting deep in the carpet starts compromising the quality of the fabrics making them pull out on themselves or when a small force is applied. Deep cleaning gets rid of the surface and seeped dirt helping prolong the service period of the carpet and face value.

Office Carpet Cleaning Mistakes


These four simple mistakes can be avoided helping you extend the face value and extend the life span of your carpet. Additionally, having basic or first-hand knowledge will help evaluate the effectiveness of your service providers in the event you hire one to clean your office's carpet. However, check with your local modernist for the best carpet cleaning service providers.
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