Complete Washroom Cleaning Checklist

Maintaining a clean washroom can be a daunting task. Other than facility entrances, a washroom is prone to more traffic when compared to the other areas in a home. However, to keep your bathroom or washroom looking sparkling, shining, gleaming and bright, it is important that you take steps to clean it regularly. Listed below is an eleven step guide that can help you clean even your dirtiest washroom in a few hours or few days. In addition, place a washroom cleaning checklist in your household notebook and use it as a general reference to help you remember what washroom are required to be done at various time increments.


11 Steps for Complete Washroom Cleaning

Step #1: Clean the Shower and Tub:

Use a spray cleaner to scrub the basin and walls from top to bottom in a circular motion. Rinse the cleaner using plain water. Wipe the cleaned area with a clean damp cloth.

Step #2: Polish the mirror:

Dampen a cloth with glass cleaner or use a cloth dipped in dishwashing liquid and water to wipe the mirror and clean it thoroughly.

Step#3: Scrub the sink:

Using a damp cloth dipped in a cleaner or dishwashing liquid, wipe the vanity top and sink. Rinse it completely with plain water and repeat the procedure once again. Then, using a tooth brush scrub the drain. Use the edge of an old credit card to scuff build up from joints between the counter and the sink.

Step #4: Sanitize the Toilet:

To clean the toilet thoroughly, use a toilet cleaner along with a long handle toilet brush to scrub both the inside and outside. Alternatively, you can also use two antacid tablets to disinfect the toilet. To use the, dissolve the tablets for two minutes in a bowl of water and then use it to brush away stains with a toilet brush.

Step #5: Clean the floor:

To clean your washroom floor thoroughly, use a mop dipped in cleaner diluted with water to clean the floor. Using left to right motion, begin cleaning from the farthest corner of the washroom, working towards the door. Wring out of the excess cleaning solution from the mop and push it over a section over the floor. Then, immerse the mop in a bucket of clean water, and mop the same section again after squeezing out the excess water.

Step #6: Clean the Wastebasket:

Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean both the inside and outside of the wastebasket. Spray the basket with the cleaner and use a clean cloth to wipe it down.

Step #7: Organize the medicine cabinet:

Empty all the contents of the medicine cabinet in the sink. Use a cleaner to mist the shelves and walls of the cabinet. Wipe with clean cloth. Use a toothbrush to scrub away the dirty areas of the cabinet.

Step #8: Clean the Cabinet:

Combine water and cleaner in a bucket and dampen a cloth with the solution. Wipe the cabinets from top to bottom, working in the direction of the grain. Polish the knobs.

Step #9: Wipe all fixtures and faucets:

Using a cloth spritz with cleaner, gently wipe all the faucets and fixtures. Buff it using a clean cloth.

Step #10: Wipe rings and shower rods:

The fact that dust accumulated on the rings can prevent it from moving smoothly, use a cloth that is dampened with dishwashing liquid and water to clean shower rods and rings.

Step #11: Clear the air vents:

Dust or vacuum air vents to unclog them.

Washroom Cleaning

Washroom Cleaning Checklist

Daily Washroom Chores

· Clean spills immediately
· Wipe tub and sink after each use( to get big blobs of toothpaste out)
· Change hand towels every day
· Remember to hand towels dry

Weekly Washroom Chores

· Vacuum rugs
· Sweep and mop floors
· Clean mirrors
· Wash towels and wash cloth
· Clean and sanitize toilets
· Clean and disinfect countertops and sink
· To prevent drains from clogging, flush them with boiling water
· Clean bath tub and shower
· Check the restock supplies (cleaning or toiletries)
· Empty trash can and recycling

Monthly Washroom chores

· Deal with mildew and mold in the washroom
· Clean and organize drawers and cabinets
· Wash trash can

Quarterly Washroom Chores

· Wash shower curtains
· Clean Grout (if required)
· Wash rugs
· Dispose expired medications

Washroom Cleaning Checklist

Key Elements of Restroom Cleaning Checklist
Formulate a plan:

When cleaning restroom, it is important that you prepare a plan that summarizes the cleaning tasks and frequencies.

Educate your workers:

All workers assigned for washroom cleaning must have the knowledge of how the plan of cleaning the washroom works, the tools that should be used or not used for cleaning and about how and when the areas in the washroom are required to be cleaned.

Choose your tools:

Choosing your washroom cleaning tools wisely can help you save time and energy while doing your job.
Know when to deep clean or spot clean: If you are planning to deep clean your washroom, do it on weekends or on a holiday. However, if you want to do spot cleaning, it can be done during a workday, taking care to see that the messes are attended to promptly.

Clean high to low:

One of the best ways to do washroom cleaning is to clean the high areas first and gradually move down. When cleaning washrooms, always remember to begin with the top of the partition, mirrors, wall areas and so on and then gradually move on to countertops, fixtures and floors.

Keep Washroom Smelling fresh:

Fight odors by properly tending to grout lines, floor drains and flooring around urinals and toilets.

Use Color- coded Clothes for Cleaning:

To prevent transferring bacteria from one area to another, choose to use color coded clothes for washroom cleaning. For example, use only green colored cloth for sink and only red colored cloth for toilets.
Having a washroom cleaning checklist is crucial to help keep your washroom looking sparkling clean and new. Cleaning washroom regularly will not only help get rid of dirt and bacteria from the area and prevent illness and disease, but will also extend the lifespan of your washroom.

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