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People of Singapore spend almost half a day in their offices. As office is the workplace for everybody, everybody seems to remain busy. Being preoccupied doesn’t deter people from wishing to work in a clean environment. It is very essential to work in a hygienic environment. You may not be able to concentrate the way you should if your office is not clean enough. A clean office is a productive office. Cleanliness is an important aspect of productivity. Apart from that your office should give your customers an impression that your office actually runs. Cleanliness is one of the well-known characteristics of a well-run office. A healthy office is free from all types of diseases. It means all the employees of your office will be present everyday and a very few will take sick leaves. This article focuses on how to do office cleaning efficiently and without involving too much fuss.


What are the areas in your office that you should basically target on a periodic basis?

Office is too big and it is not possible to clean each and every corner of your office. Apart from that all the places of your office don’t attract dust. There are some places in your office which tend to gather durst more than any other parts. If you become successful in targeting those parts of your office, you tend to maintain a clean office. Here are the places to target.

*Office carpet

Office carpet should always be the first area of focus. This is the place which gathers dust, mud, allergens and a lot other disease causing substances. It is always a good practice not to use shoes on your carpet. If you use shoes in your office, you should clean your carpet on a daily basis. If you don’t wear shoes in your office, you can clean your carpet on weekly basis.

* Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are the next best place for dusts. You don’t seem to find mud on the tables or chairs but you will find dust getting settled on those. It is good to clean your tables and chairs on daily basis cause you tend to sit on you’re the chairs and you tend to keep your valuable documents on your tables. Table is also the place where you keep your laptop too.

* Cabinets

Although cabinets in your office are in vertical position still they attract dust like nothing. Even if the cabinets have doors still dusts sneak in to cause harm to your files and folders inside your office. The paper files start to corrode when dusts gather on them. They start to smell filthy. You should always clean those places while you are about to do office cleaning. If you are not cleaning these on a daily basis, you should clean it on weekly basis.


* Glass doors of your windows

Glass has the electromagnetic property because of which it attracts dust more as compared to its wooden counterpart. It is good to clean the windows on daily basis with the help of a dry cloth. You shouldn’t clean dust with wet clothes. Wet areas tend to attract more dust as compared to dry area. Hence, dry cleaning is always preferred.

* The telephone

Telephone is one of the necessary appliances of your office which needs daily cleaning as you tend to hold it close to your face while talking someone. A lot of people use the same telephone which is another reason for which you should clean the telephone on daily basis. It is good to clean the telephone with a dry cloth if possible.

* Computers

Keyboard and monitor of your office computer absorb dust like nothing. The system box of your computer gets heated during the time of operation of your computer. Heating substances absorb dust like anything in the world. The structure of the keyboards is such that dust goes inside them. It feels awful to work with dusty keyboards. With the use of proper devices you can clean appliances.

* Dust bin

Dust bin is a must clean place which you should clean on a daily basis. If you tend to throw eatables in the dust bin then those will rot on the second day. You won’t be able to tolerate the smell of it. Apart from that dustbin is the breeding center for all germs if you don’t clean the dustbin on the same day. You should not only clean the dustbin on the same day but also you should use the necessary disinfectants on the dustbin and the place where you keep the dustbin.

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* Pantry area

Pantry area of the office needs special attention. The area itself needs to be in a separate corner of your office. Even if it is attaches to your office, you should keep the premises clean in such a way that nobody would get to know about if there is a pantry area in your office premises. You should have separate dustbin for the pantry area. You should clean dustbin as it becomes full. You may have to clean the dustbin of your pantry area two to three times a day.

* Office toilet

Office toilet should always be cleaned properly with the use of various disinfectants. Toilets are used by everybody and hence regular cleaning of toilets is essential.

So many areas to clean!
Is here any easy way out?

There are various professionals offering office cleaning services in your locality. It is always better to seek their assistance. The office cleaning professionals provide 24*7 customer support to all the customers. You can call them to know about various services they provide. You can get a quote generated even on the phone.

Various services and flexibility

There are various service duration from which you can choose the suitable one. The cleaning services offer you flexibility for office cleaning once in a week, twice in a week, thrice in week and cleaning on a daily basis. You can choose the plan that is suitable for you. The professionals offer you the price which is quite negotiable. The service providers have highly efficient professionals who will guide you the best way to do the rest jobs which you don’t want to outsource.

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