How To Clean My Office Toilet?

Having a clean office toilet is very important for any office. The cleanliness of an office not only gives a good look to your office, but it also gives a healthier environment for work to people. There are various ways that can help you keep your office toilet clean and healthier all the time. But many people don’t get any success in this because they know nothing about the right tricks for office toilet cleaning. In case, you are also dealing with the same situation and you have no idea for this, then here are some toilet cleaning tips that can help you have cleaner office toilet in a natural manner.

Office Toilet

Choose right dustbin:

This is possibly one of the most important things that people need to check for office toilet cleaning, but most of them actually ignore it or avoid it. When you choose a garbage bin for your office toilet, then make sure you check its size is good enough for entire day use or not. If you will use a smaller bin that needs regular attention in every few hours, then it will certainly create litter in your toilet. So, make sure you pay attention to while selecting its size. Also, it should be easy to use and you never need to touch it with your hands to put used paper in it. If a person needs to touch the lid of dustbin with his hand just to throw the paper, then likely he would throw the paper next to the dust bin. That is why this is the most important factor that you need to consider for office toilet cleaning.

Clean toilet bowl:

Most of the toilets give really bad and stinky smell because your toilet bowl is not cleaned properly. First of all, you should encourage your employees to flush the toilet after every use. This is a simple thing that everyone should do, but most of them don’t actually do it. You can put some signs for this that does not look cheap yet remind people for the flushing. For toilet cleaning, you can take a good quality toilet cleaning agent, sprinkle it in the toilet and scrub it with a brush. When you do it, make sure you put your gloves on all the time. After cleaning the toilet bowl, make sure you flush it with a good quality disinfectant as well for better results. And if you can do it at least once in a week, then you will get only great outcome.

Office Toilet

Clean the commode:

Many times we think about cleaning the inside of the toilet, but we completely ignore the important of outside cleaning as well. You shall wash the toilet seat using a good detergent and disinfectant so it looks clean from outside as well. If needed, you can make a solution of vinegar and lemon as well to clean the outside and inside of the toilet seat. The handle of the flusher and top of the toilet seat as well. Those are the basic area that you should look before cleaning the toilet for the better result. You shall do it every week to have a cleaner looking toilet.

Clean the urinal:

In your office toilet, you may have a lot of urinals and the smell of deposited ammonia from urine can give a nasty feeling there. For proper office toilet cleaning, it is extremely important that you follow a simple rule of cleaning it every day. Urinals in your office toilet are used a lot and that is why you need to pay more attention as well for their cleaning. For cleaning of the urinal, you can take a simple cleaning agent for the work. Pour the cleaning agent in it for toilet cleaning and then rub it with a brush. For optimum results, you shall try cleaning it every day because the smell of ammonia keeps increasing every day. So, make sure you clean it every day for better result.

Office Toilet

Clean the basin:

This is another area that you need to pay minute attention in your office toilet cleaning. When you clean your basin, then you need to make sure you not only clean the sink but you clean the tap as well. For that, you can take some good quality cleaning agent and you can get a good outcome for sure. That will not take a lot of complication for you and you can clean everything using a good quality cleaner. In this method, you just need to make sure that you do it regularly so you don’t get any kind of complication or troubles while cleaning it.

Clean handles:

For office toilet cleaning many people ignores handles that is a big complication for all of them. You must understand that you should use a disinfectant that is proper for cleaning and gives good results to you. This is important to clean the handles because people touch it regularly and that cause the transfer or infection and other things. So, make sure you do that as well without any complication. Take the disinfectant or cleaning solution in a cloth and rub that on your face. That toilet cleaning trick will help you get clean and healthier toilet for sure. This is a rule that you shall follow for all of your toilets so you can have a good outcome.

In addition to this, it is also important that you choose advanced cleaning methods and tool for better office toilet cleaning. There are some other solutions as well that you can try to keep the toilets clean. For example, you can use a toilet seat that comes with a sanitary layer on the seat that changes automatically. This will be a good idea for you to have a clean toilet seat. If you don’t get a right solution for same or if you cannot do it properly then you can also take the help of some professional company for that. With the help of a professional company, you can certainly get the best outcome without any complication or delay.

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