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Choosing an office cleaner to preserve your office will benefit you and your employees in lots of ways. Having someone else tend to such duties will ultimately result in a better job than could be achieved by you and your staff, who would be cramming it in amongst meetings and work. Professionals can get the job done to a higher quality, more swiftly and will most likely not end up costing you that much more than you would be spending by paying employees overtime to complete these sorts of tasks.

Office Cleaner

By having a neat and tidy office space, you will not only convey a sense of professionalism to clients but you will also be improving the quality of life for both you and your employees. It is no secret that keeping staff members happy and motivated is a key component in both work quality and efficiency. Employing an office cleaner to maintain the workspace will leave you with an environment that both you and your employees like stepping into everyday.

A concealed benefit of using an office cleaner for maintenance duties is that your staff will be more likely to want to help keep the office looking good and are typically more motivated to maintain an organized office space. This increases productivity tremendously as people do not need to misuse time looking for important papers and files.

Although several business owners think that hiring a professional is too pricey, if you take into account of what needs to be cleaned you will definitely find an appropriate office cleaner. When evaluating your cleaning requirements it is useful to first make a list of all of the areas that needs cleaning done. This is quite simple to do; just take notes whilst walking around the office. It is best to make your first review a wish list. You can always amend it later based on cost. However, you may be surprised by the packages various cleaners have to offer.

Once you've completed your list, it is essential to consider how often these surfaces and spaces need to be cleaned. For instance, perhaps you only need the windows to be cleaned monthly, but rather that the floors are vacuumed daily. Depending on your preferences, some tasks do not need to be done as often. If you want to cut corners, you can even opt to have a cleaner come in only once a month for a good thorough clean. By making a list and deciding what you want done, you can effortlessly locate the ideal office cleaner.

Office Cleaner

Things to consider

Security is a reasonable and important concern of any business when hiring office cleaners in London. You are hiring total strangers to come in and take control of your business location for a short period of time but at a time when no other employees are present to monitor them. The following tips can help you protect your company from accidental or intentional security breaches that may occur when using office cleaners.

Always get assurance of the office cleaners through background checks. In some cases the cleaner you are dealing with is not from the company you contacted and is subcontracting the job from them. This presents a problem when it comes to background checks in the area of checking references. Weigh the risk of hiring those you know nothing about prior to hiring a office cleaner that subcontracts.

Office cleaners should be under the same access control restrictions as employees. They should have identification badges that are worn in plain view. If access requires a magnetic card to enter, they should have those just like your employees. By the same token, they should not allow anyone access who does not have the proper badge and/or identification.

Ensure there is an enforced policy for computer security. Employees should never leave a computer logged on. Many of them like to leave computers powered on all night so that they can go right to work in the morning but this presents a risk of forgetting to log out of the operating system and application program.

A representative from the cleaning company should be trained on the alarm systems. Obviously, the representative will need to set the alarm before leaving but this same person should know how to reset it if it gets tripped accidentally.

Office Cleaner

The office cleaner should also have a list of key personnel to call. The list would contain the names and contact phone numbers of client employees who can be reached in the event of an emergency or security breach in the building.

Have a policy of all desks cleared at the end of the day. Desks that are messy are susceptible to all sorts of vulnerabilities at both the corporate and personal levels. Consider that the cleaners will be in the employee work desks after business hours and security breaches would go unnoticed for quite some time. Common poor practices are:

* Leaving keys in filing cabinets/filing cabinets left open
* Leaving check books on top of desks
* Valuable personal effects left on the desk
* Sticky notes with computer passwords attached to computer monitors
* Building access cards and/or badges left on the desk
* Day planners left open and in plain view
* White boards with sensitive information left on them
* Sensitive documents left in waste bins
* Sensitive manuals not put away in locked bookcases

Have employees dispose of documents for shredders. These are usually containers that are locked with and have an access slot for disposing of these documents. Use a closed circuit television system (CCTV). CCTV has been instrumental in solving many crimes within office environments. Also, people who are aware that such a system is in place will be less likely to breach your security.

Paying for regular office cleanings can be really expensive, so it's extremely important to create a budget that includes how much can be spent each month on keeping things clean. Perhaps you can rely on employees to make sure they do their very best to keep their personal spaces clean and find providers that can offer you adequate services that fit within your budget. Some of them may be able to offer special pricing arrangements based on what you're willing to sign up for initially or you can look for companies that are offering specials or discounted rates.

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