Office Cleaning Essentials And Factors To Consider

Office cleaning is an inevitable task regardless of what type of business you are running. Remember that the first impression of your office is paramount in giving your clients the overall condition of your company. A clean, organized and conducive office has an impact on the productivity of your employees. Some companies leave the task of office cleaning to their employees, but in such cases, the office may not be performed to the required standards. Choosing the right professional office cleaning service is a brilliant idea towards keeping the workplace safe and healthy. Office cleaning comprises of different tasks. Here are some of the office cleaning essentials to consider.

Office Cleaning Essentials

Floor cleaning and waxing
The floor of your office is the first thing visitors and everyone coming to your office sees. There are different types of floors, and each has its own cleaning and waxing techniques. Some of the common flooring options including laminate, VCT tiles, vinyl, and hardwood. A professional office cleaner understands the type of cleaning that works best for a certain floor. However, in case you are a DIY type, and you are not sure of the type of cleaning method to employ, then you may consider consulting your manufacturer for guidance to avoid causing damages to your floor. Slight mistakes during floor cleaning can cost you in the long run, and you may need to do a full floor replacement.

Window cleaning

Window are often overlooked while cleaning an office. Your office windows trap all dust from outside and inside. Bacteria and viruses too can also settle in crevices in your windows and can pose a health hazard to your employees. If your window panes have turned opaque meaning you can see through them; then it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. Window cleaning is a critical task in any office. Though it is also considered the easiest task, it can proof to be time-consuming in case you are dealing with many of them. Again, cleaning windows that are high and hard-to-reach can be a headache. It may prompt you to hire a specialized cleaning company to handle the task.

Janitorial cleaning

Clean and shiny office facilities can be a motivational factor not only to your employees but also to your customers. Janitorial cleaning, therefore, is a crucial task you should consider when cleaning your workplace. Janitorial cleaning can be very challenging, but with regular cleaning, sanitation, and mopping, you can have the cleanest restrooms.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets cleaning has never been an easy task to most office owners. Carpets tend to get dirty with time and can have a significant impact on the health and productivity of your workers. It is, therefore, imperative that you should not overlook it. When cleaning your office carpets, try to keep an eye on their longevity. There are several carpet cleaning methods to utilize but make sure to use a friendly option. Vacuuming and steaming are the popular carpet cleaning techniques for sparkling clean carpets.

Office Cleaning Essentials

Trash cleaning

You can imagine how it feels working in an office with overflowing trash bins. It can piss off your clients if you don’t take the necessary move. It is recommended to have all your office trashes emptied and cleaned every day. You may do it every morning or evening to avoid it from accumulating.

Putting the cleaning essentials aside, it is beneficial to select the right company to do the cleaning for you. The process of selection may not be that simple especially if it is your first time. Consider factors such as.

Your budget

Budget is the first thing to consider before making the first move to select a cleaning company. Different companies do offer different cleaning rates based on the services they offer. Instead of throwing all your money into the task, consider making a budget to know how much you can spend on the service. Be ready to spend only the amount you can afford before requesting a quote from the company of your choice.

Cleaning requirements

There is a lot to consider regarding requirements. Ask if the company is willing to offer additional services such as desk cleaning, sinks, and carpet among others. You will need to consider how frequent you want your office to be cleaned. The frequency of cleaning will be based on how flexible your schedule is. Remember that cleaning should be easily adjustable to fit your preferences.

Office Cleaning Essentials

Flexibility of the company

Certain companies are somewhat flexible in how they offer their cleaning services. Therefore, it is worth it if you can consider asking how flexible they are in case you want to contact them to come and clean your workplace. Their prices too should reflect their flexibility. The best ones do state their customized cleaning services especially for those who may not be available during the stated times. Alongside this is reliability. The cleaning contractor you hire should be very reliable. It would be a big disgrace to you if you were expecting visitors then your cleaner fails you. It means communication channels between you and your contractor should be very responsive. In the case of any problem, your contractor should be available to help.

Cleaning equipment

The best cleaners are always equipped with the right cleaning equipment so that they can complete your cleaning tasks efficiently and on time. If you want to make your office or business premises remain in its tip top condition, then consider hiring the company with the right tools which can provide customized cleaning. Such companies can have your office cleaned with the least downtime to avoid eating into your productive time.

Workers compensation insurance

This is another factor you should look into. In certain occasions, workers do get injured in the course of cleaning. You may want to consider that the company you hire have insured their workers with compensation insurance. Otherwise, you might be liable for any injuries that can occur during cleaning.


It can be easy to get inclined with a company that offers attractive deals but not providing the right service for you. However, by understanding the office cleaning essentials and what to consider, it can be easy to have the cleanliest office space ever. Beware that office cleaning is an investment too that can impact on your company’s productivity. Make it worth working in today.

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