Office Cleaning Guide For Larger Offices

Having a large office is fine but you must know how to keep it clean, spruced up and in good condition. Small, medium and large-sized offices see quite a bit of traffic and footfalls. Hence, there is a continuing problem of accumulation of dust and debris. It is therefore important to find out ways and means to keep the workplace in the best of condition. This is easier said than done. Even the most experienced and well-known office cleaning professionals have to follow the right office cleaning guide. Let us therefore have a look at the various important points to be kept in guide. We believe that the points mentioned below could work as a cleaning guide for offices in general and large sized offices in particular.

Office Cleaning Guide

Preparing the Office Area

The first thing is to ensure that all the required equipment, accessories, cleaning chemicals and other items needed for cleaning are in place. You also must ensure that the janitorial cart is fully loaded with chemicals and supplies and it makes it way towards the cleaning areas. When it is about cleaning large areas, it certainly will involve quite a bit of cleaning. You must take the necessary steps to ensure that the cleaning area is cordoned off. The required announcements and notice boards or signs must be available. The message should be loud and clear and signs that point towards boards and caution messages that clearly point to wet floor and slippery surfaces.

Daily Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning of certain areas of the offices must be done on a daily basis. It must be carefully done and visually checking of the entire cleaning area is a must. It is quite possible that the floor could have quite a few debris and waste materials in the form of paper and other such things. These must be carefully picked up and must also be disposed off carefully. The cleaning could be done by hand or by using vacuuming machine. It would be a good idea to use a backpack vacuum cleaner. This is efficient and easy to move around. It also can be useful when it comes to cleaning cubicles. The following points could be kept in mind.

- There also could be spots and stains in floors, walls, carpets, baseboard and furniture. These should not be left to dry and therefore immediate action is necessary.
- If needed you may have to use bare hands to clean them and remove the stains thoroughly.
- As far as upholstery and carpets are concerned, the best way is to start by identifying the kind of stain.
- There are some time-tested stain removal instructions guides. You must follow this up using a portable spotter which could help in totally removing chemical stain and other types of stains.

Weekly Cleaning Procedures

Weekly cleaning procedures are useful for removing dusts from surfaces. These include filing cabinets, cubicle walls, decks and shelves. The following may be followed:

- Trash cans should be emptied on a weekly basis.
- You also must take care to remove trash bags for individual offices.
- You also must clean trash can and also the surrounding areas as thoroughly as possible.
- Take care to ensure that telephones, desks, calculators and computer keyboards are wiped regularly. If needed, you should also use a quality disinfectant spray. The spray should be put on fiber cloth or even on a disinfecting wipe.

There are many germicidal disinfecting wipes that are available in the market that could be used.

Take care to dust heating vents, door jambs, ledges, and also window sills that are easily reachable. If they are at a height, use a ladder or other devices but do not fail to clean them on a weekly basis. Tiled or hard surface floors must be dust mopped. The debris should be carefully collected and put in a dust pan. Ensure that you follow the right dust mop procedures. Wet mopping is recommended for floor surfaces that are hard and you have some well laid down step-by-step floor mopping instructions. All carpeted floors must be vacuumed. You could start with runners and mats and here too you must make sure that you are following the right carpet vacuuming procedures.

Office Cleaning Guide

Monthly Cleaning Procedures

Finally you also must understand the right monthly cleaning procedures. These include replacing and cleaning various wall-mounted units, such as hand dryers and towel dispensers. A good quality disinfectant must be used for wiping and spraying. Give special attention to all items and fixtures and restroom and never deviate from the restroom cleaning procedures.

If you follow the above procedures rigorously and diligently, you will be able to make sure that even the largest of offices in Singapore remain in good condition.
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