What To Consider When Using Office Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services have brought about a revolution in the operations of businesses and corporate entities. Companies are no longer using unqualified cleaners to provide office cleaning services as was the case sometimes back. With the rise of office cleaning service industry, many businesses have resolved to outsource cleaning services. Office cleaning services are not only reliable but companies are able to also enter into long term contracts with the cleaning companies. But how can businesses get value for their money upon hiring office cleaning services?

 Office Cleaning Services

Below are some guidelines on what to consider.
1. Comprehensive office cleaning solutions

When a business is making a decision to hire office cleaners, the range of office cleaning solutions have to be addressed too. Can the hired cleaning company provide cleaning services beyond general office cleaning? Businesses should ask to be provided with an information sheet that shows all the office cleaning packages availed to clients. On the same note, a quotation indicating the rates charged for each office cleaning service provided has to be given to clients. The quotation enables clients to have an estimate of the projected expenses to be incurred when the cleaning services are hired.

2. Professionalism

Professionalism is always interpreted in terms of the knowledge and expertise that office cleaners possess. But professionalism is not about possession of relevant training per se. The dressing mannerisms of office cleaners is also as important as their cleaning expertise in demonstrating their professionalism. Businesses should only agree to establish contracts with cleaning companies who have neatly groomed office cleaners. Presentable and skilled office cleaners help businesses in two ways. One, they offer quality office cleaning services to businesses. Lastly, help businesses to project a positive image to their customers and partners.

3. Consider office layout.

The type of office layout is another factor to pay attention to when working with office cleaners. For a business with a standard office layout, it is easy to get office cleaning services. However, most office layouts may require office cleaning to be done after working hours to avoid causing distractions to workers. When hiring office cleaning services, businesses should inquire if the cleaners have experience in handling different types of office layout. Where the office layout allows cleaning after working hours, a business owner should confirm if the office cleaners are available at such times.

 Office Cleaning Services

4. Consistency in delivery of services

Ever hired office cleaning services before and the office cleaners failed to turn up or did so long overdue? Well, this should be a warning for businesses that not all cleaning services are reliable. Reliability of office cleaning services should be gauged in terms of:
· Ability to provide emergency cleaning services.
· Ability to provide replacement office cleaners in case some are not available for cleaning.
· Provision of cleaning services within the established timelines.

5. Evidence of recommendations and references

It is true that cleaning companies pride themselves in giving quality office cleaning services. But rarely do most of these companies have evident to prove their ability to do quality office cleaning. Businesses should verify that indeed cleaning companies uphold quality standards in cleaning by asking for recommendations. Cleaning companies that are non-hesitant in providing recommendations and references can be trusted to provide great cleaning services. Cleaning companies can provide written recommendations from previous clients. The companies can also provide current clients with names and contact details of previous clients as references.

6. Office cleaning expectations

Clients expect office cleaners to be good at their job. Clients have a role to play also to enable office cleaners to do a good job. For instance, a manager must fully understand what the office cleaning needs of the business are. The manager has to communicate to the cleaning team the office spaces to be cleaned. Should office cleaning broadly focus on floor cleaning? What specific cleaning equipment are needed for cleaning? These are some of the questions that a business should focus when looking for office cleaning services. The office cleaners need to be told all that is needed for them to provide good services to the clients.

7. Establish the terms of the contract

Office cleaning needs to be guided by an effective written contract. A contract has to be established showing the working agreements reached upon by the clients and the cleaning company. Below are some of the details that should be included in the contract.
· Contract duration- does the contract run for six months or for a year?
· Type of contract- is it a onetime contract or is it the contract renewable?
· Payment details.
· Number of working hours or how often office cleaning should be done.

 Office Cleaning Services

8. Strong management

Office cleaning is a task that has to be accompanied by effective management for productive results in the end. The selected cleaning company must provide office cleaners and supervisors to manage the cleaning process. In businesses where there are many offices on different floors, the hired cleaning company should ensure about two or more supervisors are present on each floor to oversee cleaning.

9. Use of green cleaning methods

Green cleaning is all about using cleaning products that do not pose harm to the environment and human beings. Does the cleaning company picked use green cleaning methods? If not, such a company is likely to expose your business to harm. If the cleaning products used are unfriendly, they will cause damage to your business leading to losses. The health of the employees will also be compromised putting the business on the spot. A prospective client should gather information about the cleaning products used by a potential office cleaning company. If the cleaning products are not eco-friendly, a client should decline services from such a company.

10. Company status

A reliable office cleaning company has high status in the following ways:
· One that has a proven track record in office cleaning service delivery.
· It is insured, licensed and certified as a cleaning company.
· Promises clients costs and quality guarantees.

In summary

Availability of commercial office cleaning services has supported businesses in achieving their objectives. As explained here, office cleaning services have to be chosen carefully. Besides, quality should always carry the mantle when choosing office cleaning services. It is through quality cleaning services that a company is able to operate in a good working environment.

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