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Your office space is not only the most significant part of running a smooth business, but it also plays a major part in attracting prospects to your business. In a nutshell, a visually appealing space increases employee productivity and creates a good impression on your visitors. That's why, it is important to go for a professional cleaning at least once a year apart from the regular maintenance of the premises.

ffice Cleaning Package

Below we cover everything that's included in a typical office cleaning project in Singapore and how it can enhance your workplace.
1. Managing Waste Bins

The professional cleaners will scroll through each and every cubicle as well as cabin in your office to find out the trashcans, followed by disposing all the waste. Also, when the bin liners installed in the dustbins are full, the cleaners will remove the bags and replace them with fresh ones.

2. Vacuuming

Vacuuming each and every element of the office makes sure your employees and customers breath in a healthy environment. The carpets and the mats of the office are associated with the maximum amount of dust and dead skin cells. An office cleaning service will go for a thorough vacuuming of the same as well as other hard to reach areas that are prone to catching dust and dirt. This also includes those sections that have been often neglected in a regular cleaning of the space for months or even years.

3. Furniture Dusting and Relocation

The second major part where dust accumulates is the office furniture. Even if the premises is totally enclosed, dust travels in the air and settles on just about anything, ranging from the kitchen counters to the cabinets. Wooden or leather furniture is a bit extra vulnerable to dust and calls for a proper wipe down, and that's exactly what the cleaning service will do for you. If required, they will also shift the furniture from one room to another to clean all those hidden areas behind the furniture. You can rest assure of a proper clean up with every relocation of the space.

4. Disinfecting the Floor

A clean and shining floor leaves an awesome impression on your visitors and that's why it is essential to disinfect the floor to get rid of micro organisms and bacteria. If not cleaned, the bacteria may affect the health of your employees as they are likely to be transferred through their feet when they commute within the premises. Commercial office cleaning ensures the office floor is totally clutter-free and dirt-free.

ffice Cleaning Package

5. Rejuvenating The Walls

Ceilings and corners of the wall as well as window panes develop cobwebs over time. Your cleaning service will remove all the cobwebs, as well as perform a thorough removal of any spots and stains on the walls as the appearance of stains and unsightly spots pose a bad impression on your visitors.

6. Cleaning and Polishing Windows and Doors

The frequent use of glass walls and entrance doors of the meeting rooms and cabins of the office leads to the appearance of fingerprints and stains in the glass. Removing the stains brings out the professional outlook of your space, while a proper cleaning of the window glass allows the natural light to brighten up the office. As a result, it takes the energy levels of the space to all new heights. A number of offices are adorned with beautiful ornamental handles made out of gold and silver on the doors and cabinets. To make sure they look novice for a long time, the cleaners will perform a deep polishing and cleaning of the handles. Also they will help to keep the mirrors by giving them a proper wipe down.

7. Cleaning up the Electronics

Those accessories around the office and all other electronic devices are likely to be covered in a lot of dust. This calls for a proper wiping of the items on the outside with dry clothes. It proves to be effective in removing all kinds of dust and oily patches covering such stuff. Carrying out the aforesaid is an essential part of the dusting routine of professional office cleaning services.

8. Toilet Cleaning

A clean and rightly maintained toilet is what every premises needs. It keeps the morale of your employees high and makes a positive impression on the visitors by showing your focus to details. Commercial cleaners use alcohol, microfiber clothes and disinfectants wipes to get rid of all the germs and keep the restroom totally neat and healthy. It involves a proper cleaning, disinfecting and topping up of fragrances for the urinals, as well as wipe detergent dispensers, hand dryers and tissue handlers. As the basins are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, they are also treated with the required cleaning chemicals.

ffice Cleaning Package

9. Cleaning Neglected Sections

Those neglected sections, including the elevators and stairs aren't overlooked in a professional office cleaning even if they are mere passages. Even the door handles are thoroughly disinfected, while the hard to reach corners are cleared off all the dust and dirt. If your office comes with an attic, the cleaning service will eliminate any mice waste and clutter accumulated in the section. In fact, they will even treat all vacuum vents having dust accumulated inside them.

10. Tidying up the Reception

Your office reception is the part that casts the very first impression on your guests, and a dirty reception can spoil the credibility of your business or even affecting your client relationships. That's why it is very essential that this area is prioritized in the cleaning process, involving the removal of all dirt or litter.

11. Paper Disposal and Outdoor Rubbish Management

A thorough professional office cleaning will involve shredding and disposing all the waste paper. Plus, any rubbish that lines the doorway or corridors, thereby affecting the passage and image of your business will be cleared out too.

Taking the assistance of an expert commercial office cleaning service, you can make sure that your workplace remains clean, uncluttered and truly welcoming. A good cleaning company in Singapore will provide you with a detailed checklist of what they have got to offer, along with the estimated costs of the same, whether you go for a routine cleaning or an annual assistance.

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