11 Useful Office Cleaning Tips

A clean office is vital to the success of a business. A well organized, clean and healthy office promotes the employee’s productivity, which leads to increased incomes and profits. However, an office can become messy very quickly, especially the ones with large numbers of employees. Some messes may not be cleaned up in the right way or can be forgotten altogether.
There are very many of cleaning an office. It improves or maintains your business reputation as clients and new staff members are able to see how your company is efficiently organized. They will perceive that you care about your employees. Generally, your employees are able to stay focused and creative in a clean environment as they are not distracted by dust, bad smells or crumbs on their keyboards. If you enjoy breathing fresh air from a clean and healthy environment, then here are the top 11 useful office cleaning tips.


1. Throw Away Trash in Your Personal Dust Bin

You should advise your employees to develop a habit of throwing trash right away into the dustbin instead of leaving them at their tables. If they always let the trash lay on the tables for long, your office may start to smell bad. This should also be applied when any liquid products or drinks spill on your table or floors by cleaning them instantly. Sticky table or floors can be tougher to clean if the spill is left for long. Coffee spills should be removed while still fresh. The dry stains as well as odors from the carpets, clothing, upholstery, and most fabrics are easy to remove while they are still fresh.

2. Keep a Basket or a Closet Stocked With Cleaning Materials

Cleaning essentials such as glass cleaner, paper towels, dusting spray, rubbing alcohol, microfiber wipes and more should be kept together for easy access. You can also include a simple laminated chart with a list of all the common office cleaning materials and office cleaning tips which can be used to remind the employees of the cleaning procedures.

3. Organize Every Item and Limit the Items on Your Desk

Determine the perfect position for every item in your office and place it there. If your employees experience a problem with remembering the exact locations of these items, you can label the storage locations. Excess items on your desk limit your working space. You can’t spread out your work with ease. Collect all the things that you don’t use frequently such as the business cards, extra calendar and paper clips and relegate them to another location.


4. Use Special Wipes to clean keyboards

These special wipes for keyboards can be found in most office supply and electronics stores. Pick some and wipe the mouse and monitor regularly. You may be eating at your desk as you work and you might have a keyboard full of crumbs as well as a food-spattered monitor. The special wipes will be effective in cleaning the mouse and keyboard thoroughly. Ensure that they are dry before you can use them again. Your office phone can be cleaned by spraying a cleaner on a piece of cloth and then wiping it. The phone dial pads can be wiped by using a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. These methods will not only keep debris and dust away from your electronic devices, but it will also keep the germs at bay.

5. Manage the Refrigerator and the Kitchen

All the employees should label or write their names on the food they decide to place in the refrigerator. If they are planning to keep their food in the refrigerator for long, then they should indicate the date and time. Any type of food that is left in the refrigerator past the indicated date should be thrown away. You can also choose a day in a month to be the kitchen clean-out day.

6. Cleaning Dishes Immediately After Meals

If the dishes aren’t cleaned immediately after the meals, the office may become stuffy. Convince all your employees to place the dried dishes at the right place so that the dish rack doesn’t become overcrowded.

7. Messes on Microwaves Should Be Cleaned Immediately

Messes on Microwaves are common. They should be cleaned immediately as waiting will just worsen the problem as the food will dry. You may face a challenge while trying to clean them.

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8. The Office Plants and Flowers

The office flowers and plants should be taken care of. The dry and shedding leaves should be removed. Water the plants and flowers regularly and be keen to watch for any signs of decay. If your plants and flowers are not healthy, then you can opt for the artificial ones. These should also be cleaned regularly. Dust may affect their appearance.

9. Clean the Hidden Parts

Most people do not clean the areas behind furniture. Dust and dirt behind the furniture betray your neat and tidy office. It will always become untidy after a very few minutes. Just ensure that you clean every part of your office.

10. Remind Your Employees of Their Cleaning Duties

Your employees should be aware of their duties when it comes to cleaning your office. You can consider assigning each of them specific days to do the cleaning and instruct them to ensure that their desk spaces are neat. If this does not work, hire professionals.

11. Disinfect the Restrooms

This is very important for the safety of your employees as well as the customers. Restrooms are considered to have high traffic. You should clean these areas every day. The counter and sinks should be wiped with a disinfectant, sweep and mop floors, refill soap dispensers as well as the paper towel holders in toilets and replace the tissue rolls. Scrub the toilet bowls with a toilet brush and a disinfectant. Toilet bowl deodorizing cakes can be used to maintain the freshness in between the cleanings.
Although hiring professional cleaning services is highly recommended, these cleaning tips will help you if you decide to take on the tasks yourself. Take action today and use these tips. We can assure you that you will rip the benefits of working in a clean, tidy and healthy environment within a short period of time.

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